Two phrases I never wanted to use together: "Malory Archer" and "sex tape." Too late now. Thanks, Adam Reed, for that horrible mental image!

Team ISIS is in Monaco during the Grand Prix (the top three finishers are named "Bell," "Bivens" and "Devoe"; yay for 90's R&B references) to purchase a disc from a source - whose name is not but sounds suspiciously like Le Chiffre, the bad guy from the recent Bond film Casino Royale - for four million dollars in bearer bonds, which Malory got by draining the 401K's of every ISIS employee. Unfortunately, Archer has been entrusted with the bonds, and he's decided to deposit the briefcase with the casino for his own benefit (without getting a receipt). He manages to lose most of the money gambling in twenty minutes.

It's up to Ray to set Archer straight - including telling him not to rob the casino and explaining to him what bearer bonds are. Lana wonders what's worth four million dollars, and that's when Ray also mentions that it could be a sex tape. Archer's response? "That would not surprise me." Ew. While they distract Malory, the three of them - including Ray in drag, pretending to be her - set off to recover the bonds, which have been stolen from the casino vault. The sight of Ray in drag is the most hilarious part of the episode, in part because he actually makes a pretty good Malory.

Back at headquarters, Cyril, Krieger and Pam panic over their missing retirement funds, and decide to sell ISIS equipment to a group of gangbangers - because they are absolutely great people to do business with.

The Monaco Grand Prix turns into a high-speed pursuit on the streets. (Of course, Ray gets the pink race car.) There's an attack helicopter, a rocket launcher, and a car that crashes into the helicopter. It's like a chase scene from a Bond movie written while under the influence. Thankfully, Archer recovers the bearer bonds (and his mom's sex tape) while the bad guys go down in flames. Unfortunately, Malory doesn't care, Ray's been shot, and the gangsters make off with pretty much every piece of ISIS. I'm not really sure this is what one would call a good day at the office.

I think what makes this episode of Archer tick is the conceit of many animated shows: everything goes back to normal the next week no matter what happens (for the most part; the cancer story played out over two episodes). That means the writers can get as outrageous as they want without really worrying about messing up the show. Cyril loses all the ISIS computers? They'll come back. Ray's been shot? He'll be fine. Anything goes, and it's that fearless quality which makes Archer so entertaining. All Adam Reed and Co. have to worry about is being funny - and they are, week after week. As I've said before, I wouldn't work at ISIS, but it's hilarious watching the trainwreck.

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