Mixing Sterling Archer (egotistical, vain and sometimes inept) with Hollywood (egotistical, vain and often inept): what a combination.

We're introduced to an Oscar-winning actress, Rona Thorne (Rachael Harris), who's starring in a new spy thriller - so naturally, she arrives at ISIS. Lana does not want to be followed around by Rona and her little Chihuahua...until Archer expresses interest, which makes her volunteer just to spite him. Most of the episode involves Lana and Archer once again trying to outdo one another, this time for Rona's attention. The highlight of the episode is when Archer goes temporarily deaf after being on the shooting range without proper ear protection. They're so distracted that they don't realize that Rona is really a sleeper agent for the Russians until she ruins their mission to thwart a KGB assassination attempt.

Also bitten with the Hollywood bug is Malory, who fancies herself both actress and screenwriter. She decides to rewrite Rona's movie, and recruit Cyril to help her. Poor Cyril. Last week it was being the patsy for an evil genius, this week it's being Malory's lackey. He ends up sleeping with her again, which is about the worst thing he could do. I'd love to see that come back and bite him in the behind someday.

Meanwhile, after Pam steals Rona's diary, she, Carol/Cheryl and Ray (did I mention how much I love Ray Gillette?) embark on their own secret mission to return it. They end up drawing the attention of the authorities, and we learn that Cheryl/Carol spent some time in a mental hospital, which surprises no one. Seriously, if you made me guess which of them were the most nuts, it wouldn't even be a contest.

"Movie Star" is a fun example of how the crazy personalities of Archer fare when they come up against "real" people (even if they end up being Soviet assassins in the end). They don't know what to do with themselves, and end up getting into even more trouble than usual. It's clear that none of them could function in the normal everyday world - they'd either go mental or drive everyone else mental. Yet that's what makes Archer pop. It's crazy, but it's not completely ridiculous and just pulling stuff out of nowhere, unlike a few comedies I can name. It's hilariously inappropriate, but not crude for the sake of being so. It's a fine blend of humor between insane and witty - not unlike its characters.

In fact, wouldn't an Archer movie be amazing? I think yes.

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