UPN will present a scandalous alternate ending to the Nov. 30 episode of Veronica Mars exclusively on AOL.com, alongside the episode's original televised ending. In the exclusive online episode, a familiar character is murdered practically before Veronica's eyes. Afterwards, fans will be able to vote for which ending was their favorite. The winning ending will be revealed on AOL and announced on UPN during the East Coast airing of the Dec. 7 episode of the series.

In this episode, Veronica stumbles on her mother’s high-school records and learns that she was suspended for reasons that cause Veronica to further question everything she knows about her mom. Meanwhile, with production of her "Aaron Echolls Story" TV-movie underway, Trina Echolls (guest star Alyson Hannigan) returns to direct a Neptune High play and takes an immediate dislike to Logan’s new flame Kendall Casablancas (guest star Charisma Carpenter).

On Dec. 1, Veronica Mars creator/executive producer Rob Thomas will be taking calls from fans on a live Internet talk show webcast on upn.com (3:00 PM ET/12:00 PM PT). The live talk show compliments a wide array of Veronica Mars content, including exclusive interviews with the cast and photo galleries.

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