Our phones and tablets are getting thinner constantly and pushing for the smallest bezel possible, but we’re not seeing that intense design focus on our desktop computer monitors.

And yet here comes AOC, which just announced the i2757fh. Confusing name aside, it’s a 27-inch display with only a 2 mm bezel, as well as metallic hook-shaped stand that lets you use it as a photo frame without a base or as a typical monitor that can even be height-adjustable.

According to the press release, the i27575fh can display 16.7 million colors and has a 5ms response time. There are also dual HDMI ports, which means you can also hook up a Blu-Ray player or gaming console.

The monitor also features built-in speakers and an Off Timer that shuts down the monitor automatically.

The AOC 27-inch IPS Monitor is available for $349, or at BestBuy.com for $299. To learn more, please visit http://us.aoc.com.