Antonio Banderas uses his sword from movie 'The Mask of Zorro' to ward off burglars.

The handsome actor, who is married to blonde actress Melanie Griffith, keeps the weapon in his home to protect his family from potential criminals.

The protective father, who lives with his wife and daughter, Stella, said: "The sword is stashed in a secret strategic place and I truly pity the burglar who shows up at my house! Though I wonder what I'd tell the authorities... 'Officer, he tried to rob me, so I cut a giant Z into him!'."

The Hollywood heartthrob also admitted he would also use the sword to threaten his daughter's future boyfriends if they step out of line. He quipped: "If a boy gets out of line with my daughter I will take it down and say: 'Son, step into my den for a talk!'"

Meanwhile, the 45-year-old star admitted he feels old and struggled with the stunts on the new swashbuckling film, which also stars Catherine Zeta Jones. He is quoted by Softpedia's website: "It was more painful this time round. Every time I crashed doing a stunt, my bones would say, 'Hello! Antonio, you're 45!'"