Anthony Hopkins coached fellow actor Dustin Hoffman on how to avoid upsetting movie directors - and advised him to jump out of a window to escape a huge bust-up onset.
Hoffman was chatting to his fellow Oscar winner during the early years of his career and brought up the subject of how to inject his creative input on a film set without clashing with bosses.
Anthony gave him several pointers on avoiding a heated confrontation, before telling Hoffman his secret tactic to escape from a bust-up with the director.
Hoffman says, "We were talking about what do you do when you're not getting along with a director. He said, 'Never raise your voice. Never have a fight. Wherever you're shooting, make sure you're shooting on the ground floor. When it gets to that point, you say, 'Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom.' You checked the bathroom out earlier. It has a window. You go in the bathroom. You lock the door. You climb out the window. You go home. You come back the next day. There's no argument anymore.'