Loving "Lost" can be a euphoric, confusing, and acutely painful experience. Fans have made it through the best of times and worst of times with the show, including pointless Jack tattoo episodes and awesome Dharma genocide, and more than a few lives have been lost along the way. Not just red shirts though, oh no. "Lost" enjoys bringing characters in that we fall madly in love with, and then brutally ripping them away from us. Just look at Charlie. While Desmond and Penny fans have been given a reprieve, another death was assured this episode titled "The Variable." And sadly, it was Penny's half-brother ... the one she never even knew about. Spoilers are abound in this recap, so be prepared.

This was the 100th hour of "Lost," not exactly the 100th episode but since the two hour finales added up, it was a very special point for the show. It was also the first solo adventure of Daniel Faraday, the geeky and adorable scientist that stole everyone's heart in season four. His sweet shy love for Charlotte and his vast knowledge about the Island's properties made him a quick fan favorite. This should have been a clear sign he was marked for tragic death. Dan was raised alone by his mother, time policewoman Eloise Hawking, and from early on she saw his genius and insisted he give up all pointless pursuits and focus on science. This drove him to obsess over science to make her proud and led to the eventual loss of his own genius. Then Charles Widmore asks him to go to the Island with the team, and there his mind will be repaired. His confused insanity when he first landed makes sense, then, and how slowly Daniel's brain seemed to get sharper and more clear as each episode went on.

In the 1970's/present, Daniel comes back to the Dharma village with a purpose. He knows that the Incident, the thing that caused the electromagnetic problem and all the drama since, is about to happen. This is what made the hatch necessary with the button, which led to Desmond not pushing it and the plane crashing, and then the freighter coming and sticking them all in time. Daniel is no longer the 'whatever happened, happened' man. He believes they can change the future, because they are all 'variables.' They can change what happened. Of course he goes around acting like a semi-crazy person to get to that point, but Kate and Jack decide to go with Daniel to the Others camp and find his mother. Eloise was an Other, you see, the blond girl named Ellie that Daniel told to bury the bomb all those episodes ago. He says she can help them stop the Incident from happening.

Sawyer is having troubles of his own, though. He was forced to take hostage one of his friends and now he knows the jig is up. Juliet, Jin, Sawyer, Miles and Hurley prepare to get their things together and go to the jungle. He tries to keep Dan and the others from going, but Juliet gives them the code since he stupidly calls Kate 'Freckles.' Ah, the triangle, er square, rears its ugly head. On the way out, Dan's group gets stopped by the evil entity known as Radzinsky, and they get into a gun fight. They get away, but Radzinsky goes to Sawyer's house and takes everyone hostage. Ruh roh. Nice job, Dan!

After tearfully saying goodbye to Charlotte and telling her never to come back - a fact he knows will lead to her eventual death - he goes into the jungle. However, Daniel is a little too desperate to stop everything, because he runs into the Others camp with a gun and puts it to Richard's head. He wants to use the bomb to counteract the electromagnetic pulse and stop everything from happening. This will be important since it is exactly what Jack will decide to do next week. Dan realizes just how messed up his life really is when his mother shoots him in the back. Although young Ellie has no idea that she is murdering her own child, grown-up Eloise was fully aware of this and planned for it Daniel's entire life. He realizes that his mother willingly sacrificed him and that's the last thing he knows before he dies.

Eloise Hawking might just win the official Worst Parent Ever on "Lost." And that's saying a lot since Dan's father happens to be Charles Widmore, and therefore Penny's half-brother. Not that she'll ever know now. So that is the tragic end of Daniel Faraday, one of the kindest and smartest people to ever be on the show. Why he has to die and Jack continues to live is one of the mysteries of "Lost." This may not be the last we see of him, however, since the dead often go no where. Here's hoping at least.

"Lost" is on ABC Wednesday nights at 9 PM EST.

Lost Cast: Matthew Fox - (Jack), Evangeline Lilly - (Kate), Michael Emerson - (Ben Linus), Kim Yun-jin - (Sun), Daniel Dae Kim - (Jin), Terry O'Quinn - (Locke), Josh Holloway - (Sawyer), more

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Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer