One of the most surprising performances in Sundance Film Festival movies is Anne Heche in That’s What She Said. The raunchy girls comedy casts her as a chain smoking foul mouthed drunk doing suggestive sexual dances in a coffee shop. At the Q&A following the premiere screening in Park City, Heche revealed how the filmmakers encouraged her to go sleazier and lower brow.

“The worse I got and the sloppier and dumber and more ridiculous I got, the more they laughed,” Heche said. “Just like any other dumb comedian, I was like, ‘Well, then I’ll go for it!’”

Directed by True Blood actor Carrie Preston, the script by Kellie Overbey gave Heche a chance to go wild in ways no other film has, not even her comedies.

“I read this script, I opened it like five minutes before I got on a plane. By the time I landed, I was calling all over the place. My manager’s here and will tell you. I was like, ‘We’re doin’ it. We’re doin’ it. This is funny. It’s not only funny for me but it’s a way to talk about friendship and women in a way that I haven’t seen done.’ Within an hour after doing Letterman, Carrie and I were sitting down and said, ‘Let’s make it happen.’”