Anna Camp has returned for the sixth season of True Blood, but it came at a cost when she was sent to the hospital after a stunt.

Camp appeared in the second season of the vampire drama as Sarah Newlin, and we haven't heard much about her character until this year.

Camp says she actually has an action sequence, but filming it led so some issues. She told Vulture, "Towards the end of the season, Sarah finds herself in a very physical situation, a very confrontational situation, and I was doing a bit of my own stunt work. I was fortunate to have a great, great stuntwoman with me, but during one of the takes, I rolled, I was on the ground, and I hit my head."

Anna was trying to be a trooper and finish filming without letting on that she wasn't feeling well. She continues, "I was in the middle of a chase sequence, and I had to continue the take and keep going, and I wasn't going to tell anyone that I hit my head, but about fifteen minutes later, I started getting very nauseous and dizzy."

After the cast and crew learned of her symptoms, they whisked her off to the emergency room - in full costume. She says, "So we went to the emergency room as just a precaution — but in my whole wardrobe and giant hair, which was exciting! Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. It turns out that I had a minor concussion, but I'm totally okay! I just had to relearn how to tie my shoes. Just kidding!"

The 6th season's abbreviated run of ten episodes began June 16 on HBO.