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Anna Kournikova still looks pretty good in a bikini - Celebslam

Vote for the sexiest MILF of 2008 - Bastardly

30 of the most unforgettable nude scenes on film. You'll have to rent the films to see the actual scenes though. -

SNL's take on the VP Debate:

Britney Spears might release a workout video. No word if it comes with free cigarettes. - Gabby Babble

Here's one for the ladiez: Hugh Jackman in a fedora. Grrrowl! - Just Jared

Kate Beckinsale. Bikini. This may be a repeat, but we don't care, because it's Kate Beckinsale in a bikini. - Celebslam

Lauren Graham talks "Flash Of Genius" on Bonnie Hunt's show:

Are PETA supporters allowed to wear fur as long as it's a gift? - Deceiver

CBS shows full-frontal flip-flopping. No, it had nothing to do with the political debates, it was on "Survivor: Gabon" - Defamer

If you use Pantene products they'll give you great cleavage. That's what we assumed, of course, after we figured out what these ads were for (took us about an hour or so). - Agent Bedhead

Quote of the day:

Just to rub the financial crisis in your face a little, some billionaire Russian dude is building a $400 million super-yacht - Bitten & Bound

Two new coordinates have been added to Angelina Jolie's baby-birth-location tattoo. J.J. Abrams is starting to get some ideas. -

Salma Hayek is a prime candidate for a motorboat. - dlisted

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