Andrew Garfield found inspiration for his Spider-Man character in odd places - he even checked a adult film parody featuring the comic book web-slinger.

The Amazing Spider-Man star admits he checked out Vivid Entertainment's Spider-ManXXX DVD while he was researching his role as Peter Parker for the upcoming blockbuster, and it appears director Axel Braun's racy 2011 film actually helped him.

Garfield tells, "I watched it a few times. I watched it more from an inspirational stand point than from a sexual standpoint. I think you can find inspiration from anywhere when it comes to this character because it's everyone's; it belongs to everyone."

And Braun is thrilled his film could help the Brit find his Spider-Man.

The X-rated moviemaker tells WENN, "This is totally awesome. It goes a long way to validate my efforts to reach out to a different demographic than the typical porn consumer, and to do justice to a character that I love. Thank you Andrew for the massive ego stroke."

The Spider-Man porn parody was such a big hit when it was released last year that Vivid bosses are now planning a sequel, called Superman Vs. Spider-ManXXX, which will be released later this year.