Constantly, women allow unattractive rappers (being unattractive seems to be one of the criteria for being a rapper) to humiliate (oh how they love to humiliate) and degrade them publicly, all for the sake of fame, and sometimes money.  If Kanye West did cheat on Kim Kardashian, shouldn't she take a great deal of the blame, if not all?

On Wednesday, Star Magazine broke the story on West allegedly cheating on his reality-star girlfriend, Kardashian.  The 36 year-old rapper is being accused of having a sexual relationship with French-Canadian model, Leyla Ghobadi.  The 24 year-old model claims she slept with West during Kardashian's pregnancy and was asked by West as recently as last week for another sexual encounter.  Ghobadi stated she was summoned by one of West's bodyguards after his performance at a concert while Kardashian sat in the V.I.P section.  Although both West and Kardashian's reps deny the allegations, his cheating is believable.  

How do these rappers get away with their filth?  Ghobadi is attractive and even a pregnant Kardashian emasculates West with her physicality. Since a woman's physical appearance is so important to men, especially in the rap game, then, let's explore the male eye candy that industry has to offer women.  Not too much, right? Perhaps they are aware of the brutal beating they place upon the eyes of their female fans with their lack of handsomeness and cheating, the ultimate disrespect, is one opportunity to take it out on their lovers.   

Kardashian, like every woman, has the power to teach men how to treat them, but they rarely utilize it, perhaps feeling afraid of being called "mean," "stuck up," being  ridiculed by both men and women, or losing all privileges to the V.I.P sections. 

Kim may have to take some of the blame on this one.  Women have to learn how to be as demanding about the physical appearance of men as men (and women) are of women; be as demanding of them having a "good" reputation as men are of women, otherwise, their behavior will never change.  Kim, like many of these women who hunt rap stars, appears to be an insecure, scared little girl, and these rappers know it.