The fifth episode of Cycle 15 brought the girls of America’s Next Top Model into the wrestling ring, and onto a moving runway catwalk. But could any of the remaining 10 girls’ step-up, and displace Ann from her dominating performance?

For the third week in a row, Ann received the top photo, and was greeted by digital art in the house. Her enjoyment was short-lived, as Kacey—whom the girls decided to band against in last week’s episode—orchestrated a get-to-know-you event with the remaining 10 America’s Next Top Model contestants. Each girl answered questions and wrote them down on a note, sharing secrets and hardships.

Tyra Mail arrived, and the girls anticipated an event involving motion during a shoot. Miss J met them at the second street tunnel in downtown Los Angeles, the location of the Episode 5 runway challenge. The show featured the designs of Herve Leger, and the bad-penny male models. Last week, the girls indulged in a barbeque with the guys, whom they met during the third episode photo shoot. It had been awkward for everyone but Kacey and Shaw, much to the disapproval of the other America’s Next Top Model contestants. The biggest surprise of the runway show was the moving catwalk: “That is a conveyer belt,” Miss J explained, “and the conveyer belt will be moving.”

Liz was concerned that her dress was the only one featuring a long train, but Chelsey went first—and was the first to trip. “I’ve never felt more embarrassed in one time in my life,” Liz lamented, after managing to top Chelsey in the tripping-factor. Ann also stumbled, Chris completely fell, and Kendal lost her shoe during her final leg of the walk. Lexie thought she did the best, but ultimately Kacey won the contest with a shriek and a prize of jewelry.

Back at the America’s Next Top Model house, Andre and the infamous Karolina Kurkova surprised the girls. She brought the girls a basket of health food, and discussed vitamins, nutrition and proper eating habits. “Be good to your body,” she stressed, explaining that in the industry they need to be healthy and have personality. Unfortunately, the mood in the ANTM house shifted to bitter arguments, drama and fighting by that evening; Kacey, once again, was the primary target of the angst.

America’s Next Top Model episode 5 featured the wrestlers from Lucha Va Voom, who posed with the girls for this week’s photo shoot with Eddie and Moshe Brakha, the father and son duo who make-up Brakha x2. They wanted “beautiful madness,” and elaborate couture ensembles and dramatic boots and jewelry. Liz went first, and as usual all she did was complain, much to Mr. Jay’s disappointment. She also complained to the other ANTM contestants, revving them up for the shoot--again. “You gave me a consistent effort, and I appreciate that,” Jay praised Chris after her turn.

Ann took their criticism very strongly, and walked off the set in tears. Back at the ANTM, she stressed and cried to the other girls, many of which seemed to quietly hope that this photo shoot would dislodge her from her overwhelming success thus far. Karolina Kurkova served as guest judge at panel, and Tyra pointed-out that Lexie seemed to struggle during the shoot. Esther did well, but was told to deliver more emotion in her face. When Ann came forward, she confessed to the panel that she thought she did poorly, and that she let Mr. Jay and the photographers down. Much to her surprise, the photo was incredible: “This is so Italian Vogue,” Andre exclaimed, and Tyra countered with: “You created magic.”

Chris, whose photo featured her jumping in the ring, received a high amount of praise. “You got this shot, Chris, because you asked ‘Can I jump?’” Tyra reminded her. Kayla managed an impressive photo this week, and the panel complimented her for appearing to be a different person in the photo than in person. Tyra warned Kacey that she was looking older in her photos than even she would, something no model-hopeful wants to hear. Jane received the harshest criticism during the panel deliberation: “She’s lost—she really doesn’t know what modeling is about. The picture’s a disaster,” said Nigel.

For the first time in the history of America’s Next Top Model, Ann received best picture for the 4th week in a row. Tyra explained that never-before has a girl started as number one, and continued for four straight eliminations. Chris was second, with high praise from Tyra: “We honor great work.” Chelsey and Kalya rounded-out the 3rd and 4th spots, leaving the remaining six girls to dread the bottom two. Lexie and Jane found themselves in the final showdown; Jane survived the elimination. “We don’t know Jane—who are you? We want to see that,” were Tyra’s words of advice. And thus, there were nine remaining girls battling for America’s Next Top Model glory!