The third episode of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15 opens with 13 girls fighting for a cover of Vogue Italian, the cover of Beauty in Vogue, in addition the standard $100k Cover Girl Cosmetics contract. Episode 3 featured one of the most popular and anticipated ANTM traditions: Makeovers.

Quiet, shy and 6’2” Ann from Dallas, Texas, won the first “best picture” of Cycle 15 in last week’s episode. Episode 3 opened with her reaction to her winning photo being displayed as digital art: “I felt awesome to have top picture … nobody really paid attention to me back at home, but now I’m over here getting, all this attention from the best of the rest people.”

The girls quickly began to bond over shared photos of children, before runway practice on the gorgeous glass runway. Terra, who was the surviving contestant in last week’s elimination, declared “to be in the bottom two is the worst thing ever. This is the very last time (Tyra) will call my name last.” Terra, who is joined in the cast by her sister, Chris, is the oldest contestant for Cycle 15 at 24 years old.

A surprise visit from Tyra pulled the girls from their on-screen contemplations, and after a brief tour of the apartment the girls were whisked off to their makeovers. Unlike in many previous cycles, Tyra took the time to describe to each model-hopeful the makeover look she had picked for them. “So when you guys are sitting in that hair chair, you may cry, you may be emotional—because we have connection to our hair as women—but just know, it is to make you more marketable,” Tyra explained.

Lexie, Ann, and Rhianna took it upon themselves to stage a prank in light of the pending drama that is makeovers. They made an alphabetical list, titled “Hair Agenda,” and discarded it in the house for another girl to find. Liz, the self-proclaimed “mutt” from Arlington, Texas, happened to be the lucky girl to stumble upon the planted list. Believing that Tyra dropped the list during her visit, Liz began to read off the falsified plans. Lexie, Rhianna and Ann were in the group huddling around the reading, and Lexie proceeded to feign distress at her pending makeover, leading to a heightened state of panic for several girls already anticipating a dramatic makeover.

Liz, the unfortunate girl who found the fake list, was the first to realize her anticipated adjustments were wrong. Her super short style definitely fell below her expectations, and both Jay Manuel and Miss J expressed concern that she would baulk at the new style. Miss J said he expects her to “try to change her look, instead of embrace it.” Fortunately for Liz, she surprised both J’s and rocked her new style in the post-makeover photo shoot.

Chelsey had one of the most extreme makeovers, considering that her day started with a trip to the dentist to exaggerate the gap between her front teeth. “I went to the dentist and he actually shaved off a quarter of a millimeter off of each tooth.” Unlike most contestants, Chelsey embraced her altered look without reservation: “I will do anything that (Tyra) thinks looks good. The competition is so big and intense, and the stakes are so high, that I take it really seriously.”

Of the 13 girls, Terra had the worst reaction to her style. Much to her sister’s dismay, her disappointment and distress remained written across her face throughout her time in the chair. Worse yet, she failed to deliver a performance as a model at the post-makeover photo shoot. “You can go to a mall and find a girl who poses better than this,” Jay said disapprovingly during the shoot. At the end of the makeover segment, Jay announced that one of the girls would be going home. The decision was based mostly on the contestant’s reactions to their new looks; Terra, who reacted the most dramatically, was sent home on the spot.

 With the makeover ordeal behind them, the 12 remaining girls traveled to the site of their first on-location photo shoot: the beach. Jay met them in a pair of black wings, and announced that the theme of their photo shoot with famous photographer Anne Menke would be “fallen angels.” The girls were each assigned and emotion to portray, and were paired up with one of the provided “man meat” models. While modeling the wardrobe and dramatic makeup and hair designs, the girls were suspended in hanging harnesses and were instructed to remain graceful as they connected with their male counterpart. Of the dozen girls, Lexie received the most painful critique: “She probably shouldn’t model, to be honest,” commended Menke after her shoot with Lexie.

As a collective whole, ANTM episode 3 had the worst photo deliveries in recent history. Tyra commented that she would be graded on a curve, and four girls were called independently of the dozen remaining contestants. “This photo shoot was extremely disappointing,” Tyra scolded, and proceeded to call the names of the girls who did “very well” compared to the pack. Kalya, Chelsey, Chris and Ann were each called, but Ann won best picture for the second week in a row; Kayla was named second.

Lexie and Sarah composed the bottom two girls, but only Lexie will continue in the competition. Sarah is the third girl to be eliminated in Cycle 15.