Rachel Hale Sang “Nothing But Water” by Grace Potter

Keith Said: I felt like the song got on top of you.

Nicki Said: I don’t know where this burst of crazy confidence came from.

Randy Said: Good to see an up-tempo performance. Prayer works!

Mariah Said: All the people go to feel your energy.

The Verdict:

Something is in the water for sure with these country girls this season. None of them have done anything well.

This was a total vain pageant performance. She started smiling in the middle of it. Like she couldn’t be bothered to sing. Like she was so impressed with herself that she couldn’t be bothered to continue.

It was worse than a pageant performance. It was the stuck up girl in high school singing for an audience made up of her stage-parent family. Just a total lack of poise, professionalism or musicality.


Grade: D-

Result: GONE

Breanna Stead Sang “Bust Your Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan

Keith Said: I like the whole vibe you had.

Nicki Said: Right now you could be number one on the chart.

Randy Said: You got the whole package. I would sign you right away.

Mariah Said: I love that song. I love your presentation.

The Verdict:

It’s 2013. You’re on a show that’s dedicated to finding pop singers. Why in the world would you sing a calypso song?

I just have nothing further to say.

Grade: F

Result: SAFE

Janelle Arthur Sang “Just a Kiss” by Lady Antebellum

Keith Said: It doesn’t give you a chance to really soar.

Nicki Said: A lot of that felt flat.

Randy Said: You’re my favorite country singer in this competition, but that’s not the right song for you.

Mariah Said: It wasn’t the best song choice, something simpler might have been better.

The Verdict:

The country singers just continue to disappoint. This one was just a muddled mess of boring. She was in about fifteen different keys, didn’t have the rhythm or the melody and didn’t seem to know what she was singing about.

This was one of those performances where the song didn’t factor into what she was singing. She just wanted to sing some notes, look pretty and try to flash her voice.

She failed in almost all of those stages, and missing that connection just made her look lost for the whole performance.

Grade: F

Result: SAFE

Zoanette Sang “The Circle of Life” by Elton John

Keith Said: Kudos to the Queen of the Jungle.

Nicki Said: I am so proud of you. You’re unforgettable. You’re a superstar.

Randy Said: It’s infectious. We’re all up here feeling something.

Mariah Said: It’s almost like your spirit is too big to be contained.

The Verdict:

Zoanette. Must. Win. She might actually be part Lion. Especially if you look at the huge blonde mane she’s rocking. Nala all the way.

The vocals weren’t perfect, but who cares? She’s the one girl who came out and just decided to rock it and lose herself in the song without all the calculated BS of trying to sound technically perfect.

This was the one real performance of the night. She just owned it and I can’t wait to see what she has coming up.

Grade: B+

Result: SAFE

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