This performing every night thing is fun, but it is tiring. Let’s just get to the recap.

Mathenee Treco Sang “A Little Less Conversation” by Elvis Presley

Keith Said: Don’t underestimate the power of your voice. You can make a connection – the entertainment gets so assaulting.

Nicki Said: It felt very cheesy and karaoke.

Randy Said: I don’t know what kind of an artist you are.

Mariah Said: There’s a quality about you that’s like a real person.

The Verdict:

I can tell you one thing. Nobody in the world likes this performance as much as Mathenee does. His confidence goes past arrogance and into possibly thinking he’s a god. I really think he may have a statue built to himself in his apartment. Maybe of him as a centaur. I’m not sure.

That would be borderline acceptable if he could sing. Problem is that he can’t at all. He can scream kinda. He can get angry at the song and bob his hatted head, but there’s not a whole lot of singing going on. It was like a vocal battle with himself as he tried to keep from fawning over his self-perceived brilliance and sing at the same time.

Couldn’t do both at the same time. Not sure he could do either by itself. Except for maybe making out with a full-length mirror.

Grade: D

Result: GONE

The Turbinator Sang “Nothing Ever Hurt Like You” by James Morrison

Keith Said: I didn’t think that was a great song for you, but I love your voice.

Nicki Said: You should have come back out with your guitar, you’ve left the intimacy behind.

Randy Said: Honestly? That was terrible.

Mariah Said: I missed your soft voice.

The Verdict:

I’m inclined to like the Turbinator, but I don’t know what he’s doing here. Other than the color-coordinated Sikh get-up, he doesn’t have much going on.

The voice is kind of there, but not all the way. The performance isn’t much beyond him in an awkward-half bend as he fails to pull the mic stand up high enough. I’m not sure why he couldn’t adjust it correctly. Seems like something you’d want to get right.

He tries to break out a bit with the mic off the stand, but it just got more and more awkward the more he tried to seem less awkward and the voice never broke out either. Turbinated.

Grade: D

Result: GONE

Vincent Powell Sang “Cause I Love You” by Lenny Williams

Keith Said: You came out here and just sang. I loved it.

Nicki Said: Today it was a good old-fashioned. It was a sexy old-fashioned.

Randy Said: This is what I would call the whole complete package.

Mariah Said: All I have to say is…finally.

The Verdict:

If you’re going to wear that velour jacket, you better bring the 70s sex-soul. You better bring it hot and buttery sweet and not let it go.

Vincent may have not brought the full sex, but he did get to vocal third base and just about stole home by the end as he hit some unreal soul notes and really brought it back home into the bedroom there at the end.

It looked like Zoanette was ready to make a baby. Let’s hope she didn’t spawn.

Grade: A-

Result: SAFE

Nick Boddington Sang “Say Something Now” by James Morrison

Keith Said: I kept waiting for a feeling of being connected to you as a person.

Nicki Said: It wasn’t your best.

Randy Said: I don’t know if that was the correct song for you.

Mariah Said: I feel like you weren’t connected to the song.

The Verdict:

Fedora. Skinny jeans. Straight up can’t sing. The one-in-the-top-twenty performance that can’t sing at all. That wouldn’t have made it past the initial audition.

Worst. He had swag. He owned it. He was pointing as he failed to hit a single note. Failed to find the pitch, the tone or the melody. Wow. Just as bad as it gets.

Grade: F

Result: SAFE

Josh Holiday Sang An Original

Keith Said: Sometimes I wish you would cut loose.

Nicki Said: I felt like if you would have just chilled, you would have stayed in it more.

Randy Said: I just don’t know if I was wowed by it.

Mariah Said: I would have liked to see you stay at the piano.

The Verdict:

Here’s the problem with original songs. They just about always suck. This is no exception. This song sounds like the rough draft of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” when they said: “Okay, now we have to make it good.”

So that’s the first problem. The second problem is that he can’t sing at all. A mix of rough basic vocals and a falsetto that just sounds weak and lilting.

The third problem is that his performance level was on par with an awkward nerd trying to impress a girl by singing to her at lunch.

Just nothing worked at all for Josh.

Grade: D+

Result: GONE