After so many years of filler, 'American Idol' finally showed us some mercy last night with a return to the more appropriately lenghted half-hour results show.

Instead of a show filled with Ford Commercials, re-airing the previous night's episode, and Ryan moving the contestants around the stage, we got a tight little 30 minutes with the suspense of the eliminations as its showcase and a performance from Janelle Monae to boot.

With 30 minutes, 'Idol' isn't able to waste any time, eliminating the drag and pain of having to sit through an hour to see the four minutes we really care about. Now there's room for only what we want: a nice performance from a real band and the results. We don't need a medley, we don't need to hear about the judges' first times performing. We just want the results.

Unfortunately for Majesty Rose, those results were not positive this week. She's been at the end of the plank for awhile with frequent trips to the bottom three and this week she finally took the plunge. Majesty had a lot to offer and I thought this was her best week so far, but she never caught on with America. Probably because she could do so much that she never really stuck in a specific lane to lock down her own voting bloc. As bad the results were, though, at least she got them quickly.

Here's to a long run for 'Surviving Jack' if only because it ends up keeping the results show at a half-hour.

Power Rankings

1 (1) - Alex Preston

Leading off a show and getting lukewarm results from the judges and then managing to skip out on the bottom three shows there's something very good going on for Alex with the voters. He's the favorite for now.

2 (2) - Deter Roberts

It would be easy to say Dexter's repetitive country act is eventually going to bore voters away from giving him their support, but repeating country is a little different: It's actually what people like.

3 (5) - Caleb Johnson

Caleb keeps wowing the judges and looks poised to take it up to a new level in coming weeks. He also might crash out under the weight of his own cockiness. Anything is in play for this guy.

4 (3) - Sam Woolf

Another bottom three for Sam and this after a pretty good performance that came late in the show. He may be at the bottom of the guitar-guy list at this point. A stunner for me.

5 (4) - Malaya Watson

Malaya continues to impress the judges and Harry thinks she's getting better every week. She'll need to keep improving to take a run at the boys, but she's the girls' best shot for now.

6 (6) - Pink Hair

Despite her refusal to do country, Pink Hair's been pretty immune to the bottom three so maybe she's catching on. I'd feel much better moving her up in the power rankings if she'd restore her twang, but that doesn't seem like it's going to happen soon.

7 (7) - CJ Harris

CJ hit the bottom three this week and as the field grows shallower, that will probably happen much more often. He just isn't the type of singer who appeals to the text-voting crowd. Maybe the rotary dial voters, but that seems like a small group.

8 (9) - Jena Irene

She went last this week so there was no way she was going home and with good marks she didn't even hit the bottom three. I'm still not a believer though. If she goes in the first third of the show and doesn't blow away the judges, it seems impossible to think she'll survive that week.