Kree Harrison Sang “All Cried Out”

The Verdict:

Let’s take a step back from actually reviewing this performance for a second (it was okay, but not great) and since this is what will ostensibly be Kree’s debut single, let’s look at her as a performer. As a recording artist. As a pop star.

Can you see it? Can you see old “I can’t make my face have an expression or move more than three inches across the stage” actually performing at anything other than a mass suicide? It just wouldn’t seem right to see her anywhere alongside the dynamic and interesting performers that, y’know, have made it in the recording industry.

Or one of her concerts. What would that be like? The audience sitting in wonder as they debate whether she’s turned into a mannequin mid-song and just begin counting people wearing green shirts because it’s more interesting than what’s happening onstage?

After this snoozer, that’s about all it would be. And the weird thing is that this was better than the first performance.

Grade: C

Candice Glover Sang “I Am Beautiful”

The Verdict:

Is there a law? Is there a rule? Is there a mandate that every single Idol single needs to be the most boring incomprehensible mind-blankingly dull piece of pop music put together?

This was clearly something submitted to Beyonce that she fell asleep during and probably fired three people for even suggesting. So dreadfully snoozy – though I guess that fits with what’s been happening on this show the last few weeks.

Candice does her best with it and she certainly sounds like a current recording artist as she attempts to overcome the melodic weight forced around her neck as this song sloughs through itself, but there’s just no overcoming the vacancy of this song.

Grade: C+

Keith Said: Wow. I think these songs were tailor made for these girls.

Nicki Said: I loved Kree’s composure and this sounded more from the gut. This song is perfect for Candice.

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