Last night, what used to be one of the biggest moments on the pop culture calendar essentially became the proverbial tree falling in the forest.

Yes, it's basically over for 'American Idol' at this point. The show is coming back next season, but it comes on the heels of the series' lowest rating ever - a 1.6 for the final performance show - and less buzz than a dead bee. It was damn near impossible to find Caleb trending on any form of social media. This is not what 'Idol' is supposed to be.

So Caleb won in near-obscurity. It was inevitable once Alex started to bore the judges that Caleb would end up on top. Where Adam Lambert, James Durbin and Bo Bice failed, Caleb finally succeeded in winning as a real rock vocalist. Jena could never match up and hearing her try to sing with Demi Lovato just shows how far behind the curve she really is.

Even the celebrity performances left a lot to be desired in terms of star power. John Legend is certainly a name and about on par with what the show used to throw out song after song. Beyond him though we were treated to the aforementioned Ms. Lovato (who killed it) and Aloe Blac who continues to get treated like a pop star for essentially making a Weird Al version of 'Your Song'.

Beyond that, it was a hodge podge of Lady Antebellums, Darius Ruckers, Jennifer Nettles and a bunch of other borderline stars. None of the performances were particularly memorable or necessary. Just a half-hit with the Idols backing them up.

Even the final three in their showcase performances didn't do much. Kiss should have been a showstopper but it seemed more like a tribute band. Jason Mraz was predictably garbage. Hayley Williams remained sex on legs but it was too much like an episode of 'Made'.

The only performance that did stand out was the judges' medley of 'True Colors' and 'Go Your Own Way'. Turns out J-Lo actually has a stunningly beautiful voice when it's not being overproduced and Keith can rock out a little bit. Harry was great, though it might have been nice to see him go solo on what may be his final night on 'Idol'. Or maybe we have a new super group in our midst? Who knows?

Of course, the showstopper of the evening was Ryan Seacrest...singing. It's unclear how much of his weak little mouse voice was real and how much was vocal trolling but his destruction of a Richard Marx tune was the highlight/lowlight of the evening. I always thought that if Simon Cowell ended up broke somebody should pay him a fortune to sing on live television. We got something similar last night and it didn't disappoint.

Speaking of that sour Brit, the 'Idol' producers have to try to get him back next season, right? It's really the only thing left that can possibly make this show relevant again.

As it stands, this is a show indeed of rejuevenation, and fast.