Fiona’s search for immortality has been a major aspect of Coven’s narrative. Along with who will be the next Supreme it is what drives most of the story. The two are intrinsically tied, as Fiona desperately wants to stop the next Supreme from assuming power. She longs to kill her successor in order to remain alive and in power. The season has derived much of its drama and conflict from this very situation and there are many ways these dilemmas could be solved. Fiona is very willing to do anything to get her way. Will this obsessive pursuit be her downfall? 

American Horror Story has a history of resolving some storylines with a touch of dark humor. The Harmon family finally gets a “happy” ending, but are kind of doomed to live in this haunted house for eternity along with all the other spirits that came before them and those that get there after them. Constance gets to be a mother again, but he ends up being the antichrist.

I think that Fiona will eventually get the immortality she hoped for, but it will not be the fabulous time she thought it would be. All season long we’ve gotten parallels between her and Delphine. She became immortal as a punishment for her many transgressions, this could be how it would ultimately end for Fiona, being punished for all the deeds she’s committed through the thing she wanted most. Be careful what you wish for, they say.

What would be better punishment for Fiona than have to live all eternity living at Miss Robichaux’s accompanied by crazy ass Spalding? Creepy, porcelain doll enthusiast, and infatuated with Fiona, Spalding is trapped in the house, much like the Axeman was. I’m sure Fiona isn’t interested in spending any time with him, let alone forever. Spalding lived his entire life in a lonely servitude to the Coven. He developed an insane love for Fiona and has become her loyal follower, even though she still treated him like the help and didn’t seem to do much to repay him. 

The man cut off his tongue for her for goodness’ sake. As twisted as he is and all the bizarre things he’s done, it would be pretty great if he got a bit of a happy ending. He would love nothing more than to live with the woman who has been the object of his affection for so many years. I’d love to see Fiona stuck in that house with Spalding as his only company. That would be a nice karmic joke for the powerful witch. Surely then she would realize that there are things worse than death.

As for how that could come about. I’m still banking on Cordelia being the stealth Supreme and causing her own mother’s demise, she could kill Fiona in the house and her spirit would be trapped there. But an intriguing snippet in the next episode preview shows a very blood-drenched Axeman angrily screaming at someone that could very well be Fiona. It would also be fun if he were the one to kill Fiona as an act of retaliation for his own imprisonment by the witches of Miss Robichaux’s so long ago. He would condemn Fiona to the same fate that befell him.

What do you think will happen to Fiona?