“I got one life and I’m not wasting it,” says a pre-bus crash Kyle in the episode’s opening flashback. He and his fraternity brothers find themselves in a tattoo parlor where they all get douche-y tats, except for dear ol’ Kyle who waxes on about his reasons, not to. Another attempt to show how exceptional Kyle was, what a great future he had ahead of him, and that he had a semblance of a personality before he turned Franken-monster. It’s the seventh episode in and they are still trying to make me care about Kyle, its not working. Though I have to say that Franken-Kyle’s reaction too finding his buddies’ lame tattoos on his body is absolutely magnificent. Yes, its yet another reminder of the tragedy that has befallen him, the death of his friends and his wasted potential, but most importantly it is a pretty cruel joke, getting stuck with these two really crappy tattoos. His wail when he inspects his ankle and finds the Chinese symbol tattoo is more darkly comic than anything else. Franken-Kyle is still shacked in Cordelia’s greenhouse as Zoe appears, with Madison’s gun behind her back.

Madison voice-overs a long expository diatribe about her new condition, the speech goes on as we see Madison make her way through the house, rummaging through Cordelia’s herbs and potions, devouring every last bit of food in the kitchen, lighting a lighter under her palm in a futile effort to feel something, and overall looking gloomy and undead in a long flowing black dress. While I appreciate the writers’ attempt to examine character (and the ideas brought up by Madison are intriguing), they refuse to explore these themes through actual story and narrative, instead they just throw it all at us in this expository, overly extensive monologue. It is like they never want to spend too much time (if any) on anything remotely interesting before it gets in the way of the more outrageous, and shocking material. Who cares about character development? Get to the threesome already!  

But I digress because we get back to Zoe and Franken-Kyle and she’s finally going to kill him, right? Nope! They struggle, he gets the gun and looks like he might blow his undead brains out, but Zoe hurls herself at him and tearfully confesses she does not want him to die (again). Sigh.

After Madison’s food binge, Queenie and Delphine are left with nothing to quell their late-night munchies and they venture to a drive-thru for some delicious junk food. This is perhaps one of the best scenes in the episode. These two are great together and have developed a unique relationship in which they are brutally honest with each other. Though “Miss Daisy’s” words might sound harsh, “Those girls, they never going to see you as their sister.” When questioned by Queenie as to why, she plainly states “cause you’re black.” Queenie’s expression says, “F*ck, this bitch is right.”

Cut to Cordelia, the worst blind ever, knocking sh!t over left and right as she answers a call from a drunken, depressed looking Hank, who is sitting at the foot of a bed surrounded by an array of menacing looking firearms (sh!t’s gonna go down). He tells her that he misses her, but Delia is having none of that and promptly hangs up. She makes her way to the hallway and its Madison to the rescue as she stops Delia from taking a tumble down the stairs. This of course triggers a vision for Delia and she sees Fiona killing Madison.

Speaking of Fiona, the Axeman takes her to his place (which is somehow intact after his years in exile?) for some conversation and some sexin’.

Back to Miss Robichaux’s where Zoe’s trying to teach Franken-Kyle how to communicate, and things aren’t going great, Madison wastes no time in getting Zoe out of the room, leaving her and Franken-Kyle alone to do some undead bonding.

Queenie pays a visit to the fabulous Marie Laveau where Laveau seduces her with a change of environment, “Voodoo doll belong in the house of voodoo,” and some delicious gumbo. If Queenie wishes to join her tribe she must bring Delphine back.

Over at Robichaux’s an embittered and pissed off Cordelia warns Zoe about Fiona. Zoe is deservedly freaking out and asks what they are going to do; Delia musters up some badassery and responds with a fantastic, “We’re going to kill my mother. Kill her once. Kill her good. Kill her dead.” Oh snap! Zoe walks back to her bedroom only to find Franken-Kye and Madison having sex. Not a good day for Zoe.

At the Axeman’s he and Fiona get into a troubling ‘morning after’ talk in which Axeman tells her that he has watched her grow up in the academy (while he was a trapped spirit) and has been infatuated with her for years. Creep! Even for a jazz enthusiast, murdering psycho, that sh!t is messed up. We get flashbacks to mini-Fiona being a badass, and a ghost Axeman creepily scamming on her. After a bit of a power play, Fiona leaves the apartment in a rage.