Who is the next Supreme? It has been a significant question posed by the series since the first episode of the season. With Madison’s death and the subsequent reveal that she was not in fact next in line for the coveted title, the mystery remains, intriguing both the audience and the characters alike. No doubt that being Supreme is an appealing prospect for many a witch, but the potential dangers that face the witch that would ultimately dethrone Fiona are undesirable at best. So, who will be the one to fall under Fiona’s desperate wrath?

After last week’s “Burn, Witch, Burn” the show definitely wants us to believe that Zoe is next in line. After coming across as a fairly weak and unsuspecting presence in the academy, she finally does something noteworthy. She was able to take down the seemingly unstoppable zombies, and break Laveau out of her levitation-trance thing. “I don’t know what that was, but they got some real power in that witch house now,” says Laveau after sensing Zoe’s power, communicating the strength of her magic. This unexpected reveal of Zoe’s unknown ability definitely suggests that she possesses some Supreme-like talents, but would the writers go with someone so predictable? Sure it would make sense for the fresh-faced, innocent newcomer to blossom in this environment and emerge as the Supreme, but that wouldn’t necessarily be interesting, or surprising storytelling. Furthermore, Zoe has been kind of a non-character for the majority of the series, off in her own world babysitting Franken-Kyle. She has not made any kind of impression previously and has been taking part in the show’s most uninteresting storyline. This could be an attempt to show a character arc and progression, but the show has done a poor job building the character and as a result has made her quite unlikable. Making her the next Supreme would for sure be a (predictable) let down, so I am (somewhat) confident the writers won’t go in that direction. That is, unless they make Zoe into a total badass in the consequent episodes, which will be a difficult task indeed.

If anything, I think the writers are going to attempt to distract viewers and place all the speculative material on the remaining three students in the academy. Making us focus on Zoe, Queenie, and Nan as the potential candidates and diverting attention from the true contenders. Early on, I thought Queenie would be a stealth candidate for the title. Her ancestry ties her not only to the powerful Voodoo witches, but also makes her a part of the Salem clan, she’s got the best of both worlds and her supremacy would symbolize a coming together of all the witch clans and usher in a new, more peaceful existence between the two factions. But she was so easily used and manipulated by Fiona that her gullibility diminishes my belief in her chances. Also, Fiona, who has been shown to be quite paranoid about the subject, shows no signs of being threatened by her (though she could be hiding those feelings). Additionally, Queenie actually starts buying into Fiona’s bullshit, much like Madison did, and we know how that one turned out. Nan is a potential candidate that actually seems to possess some Supreme qualities, she has a strong and unemotional command of her power, and she has shown to be a noble and honest witch. Out of the three students, she would probably be the most capable choice, and it would be interesting to see her potential ascent, especially if it is revealed that she really is a slightly malevolent witch who has orchestrated the events just so. But this choice would also be a bit predictable and could veer on the clichéd side.

Like I said, these three young witches are likely here to act as red herrings and distract us all. So who are the real contenders? My money is on either Cordelia or Misty Day. Though Fiona is, for all intents and purposes, the show’s protagonist, the writers have not shied away from portraying her in quite unlikable ways. She is ruthless and definitely seems to be more evil than good, selfishly sacrificing the well being of others to meet her ends. Though she has managed to come away unscathed from her homicidal deeds, so far, I think that she will get her comeuppance towards by the end of the season. The writers have been building her up in order to be brought down in a deliciously tragic and dramatic way. With the theme of mother-daughter relationships/struggles so prevalent in the season, who better to bring her down than good ol’ Delia? She does have Supreme blood; it could run in the family. Some have been speculating that Cordelia already knows that she is in fact the new Supreme, but has been suppressing her powers because of her reluctance to be like her mother. Plus, with her new power she could soon see the truth of Fiona’s ways and unleash her Supreme-ness to finally bring her mother down. Cordelia would also be the only person Fiona would hesitate killing or doing real harm to, like she has done to Madison and Myrtle. The potential conflict would definitely be fun to watch.

Finally, the dark horse and my first choice for the next Supreme is Misty Day. She has been lurking in the background for the entire season, but the writers and Lily Rabe have made her an enigmatic force on the show. She is unexpected enough that her becoming Supreme wouldn’t be terribly anticipated and would be a satisfying revelation. There is just something about Misty Day; clearly the writers are setting up some interesting material. While we haven’t seen that much of her, what we have seen is incredibly compelling and could indicate her future role as Supreme. We find her living a lonely existence and longing to belong somewhere. With her upcoming alliance with Myrtle Snow, she could finally find her clan and mature as a witch, eventually becoming their leader, which would be a great character arc. Of course, her association with Myrtle will also surely put her at odds with Fiona, right off the bat. Her power is resurgence, which we can assume is one of the ‘Seven Wonders’ since we saw Fiona revive both Queenie and the baby in the hospital. Misty Day still has a lot to grow as a witch, especially since she has lacked the nurturing that the students in the academy enjoy. Her off-the-radar status could have been beneficial, as it has helped her escape Fiona’s scrutiny. There is still so much we don’t know about her, (like any other powers) that the character could go almost anywhere.

Who do you think will be the next Supreme?