Let’s face it; whenever somebody “dies” in Coven, it is hard to take it at face value. Time and time again, characters emerged from their apparent deaths to the surprise of nobody. I mean, Madison, Myrtle, Misty, Queenie, Kyle, need I go on? So when Fiona was brutally killed by the Axeman last episode, it is only natural for us to question the validity or permanence of such an act. There is a slight possibility that Cordelia’s vision is a manipulation by Fiona, yes she saw the violent attack and supposed aftermath (Fiona got fed to the alligators), but Fiona is a pretty powerful witch. Or even that she could come back as a ghost like Spalding and the Axeman and manage to wreak some havoc in the wake of her death. But seriously, the logistics of her possible return don’t really matter, this is American Horror Story, where over the top, insane storylines are the norm. With the only big mystery remaining being the identity of the Supreme, some surprises and shockers are bound to happen, right? Who better than to bring in some unexpected bitchery than the head witch, herself?

Here’s why I think we might be seeing more of Fiona in the finale:

  • “Go To Hell” was all about reaping what you sew, and getting one’s comeuppance. Like Papa Legba said, “No one gets away with sin. Eventually, everybody pays, everybody suffers.” The episode ends with Marie Laveau and Delphine LaLaurie stuck in their shared, twisted hell. With such a strong theme running through the hour, how come we don’t get to see Fiona’s personal hell? If we go by the series’ attitude towards evildoing, Fiona is certainly deserving of some punishment, and getting hacked by the Axeman doesn’t seem extreme enough. Maybe we don’t get to see Fiona’s ultimate fate because her story isn’t just over yet.
  • Fiona’s relationship with Cordelia has been central to her storyline all season; their contentious relationship has been fraught with drama and conflict that often informed the narrative. Obvious parallels were drawn between Fiona and Delphine, who really treated her daughters like shite, and their relationships with their respective daughters. Fiona neglected Cordelia for most of her life and thus established a strained and troubled relationship in which Cordelia would like nothing less than to end up like her mother. The writers have built up this conflict so much that it has to pay off somehow. Fiona dying without any kind of resolution (positive or negative) to their struggle is just anticlimactic and would diminish all the material that came before. Why bother exploring this character dynamic if it will ultimately not bear much importance in the narrative’s outcome? And as Cordelia creeping in as a possible candidate for Supreme, a face off with Fiona would be amazing and entirely warranted. Some real closure on this relationship would be nice. Please, writers, come on.
  • Finally, Jessica Lange is like the Queen of American Horror Story. Would they really have a finale episode without even a scene featuring Fiona? Sure, it could be a flashback or dream scene or whatever, but the writers could create some much needed drama and unpredictability by ‘bringing her back’ to the current situation.

What do you think?