Also, I think there is something to those special blessed, silver bullets Hank used for his assassinations. The writers made a point to highlight that little fact when Cordelia and Fiona have their morning after talk in “The Sacred Taking.” Certainly these bullets have some sort of significant/powerful effect when used against witches. Silver bullets are a science fiction/fantasy cliché by now, but the implications are clear. So, even though Queenie was employing her “voodoo doll” power when she shot herself (thus killing Hank) it didn’t prevent the silver bullet’s effect on her body. Furthermore, an injury so violent and severe could be too grave for her magic to overcome. We have seen her inflict pain upon other people with her power, but she has never gone so far as to actually kill them. Maybe her power is limited in that way.

To be honest, it’s about time that people start dying on this show, and though I’m sorry if Queenie is the first to go, it is a necessary evil. Again, this season’s stakes have been ridiculously low; there has been no sense of danger or tension whatsoever, that is, until last week’s developments. Ultimately, Queenie’s death would be a more impactful and dramatic way for the story to go (a major loss for the characters as well as the viewers) than just having her revived by Misty Day and have everything back to kind of normal the next day.

Do you think Queenie’s really gone?

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