The question of who will be the new Supreme has become the biggest mystery in American Horror Story: Coven, it has also been the main source of drama and conflict on the show. As the series progresses the secret intensifies and it is basically what motivates most of the characters actions. Ryan Murphy and Co. have really milked this storyline for all its worth and will likely wait until the very last moment to unveil the true Supreme’s identity. Fiona is hell-bent on killing her successor and she is on her way to kill the entire coven to ensure just that; Madison is desperate to take power, which drives her to sabotage poor Misty Day. Madison, now back from the dead is back in the race and currently in the most opportune position. Zoe, who was the frontrunner for most of the series, has fallen into the background, (which could be a tactic on the part of the writers) and sadly, Nan, who was starting to manifest multiple powers, is out of the running. (R.I.P Nan)  As of the last episode, the big opposing candidates were Madison and Misty, each of them showing great growth and command of their different powers and abilities. But even with that, I’m starting to think that Misty Day, who I thought was the frontrunner, is turning out to be kind of a red herring.

In my previous article, discussing this topic, I stated that the running was between Misty Day and Cordelia, having watched the consequent episodes I’m leaning towards Cordelia. Here’s what I previously said:

“With the theme of mother-daughter relationships/struggles so prevalent in the season, who better to bring her (Fiona) down than good ol’ Delia? She does have Supreme blood; it could run in the family. Some have been speculating that Cordelia already knows that she is in fact the new Supreme, but has been suppressing her powers because of her reluctance to be like her mother. Plus, with her new power she could soon see the truth of Fiona’s ways and unleash her Supreme-ness to finally bring her mother down. Cordelia would also be the only person Fiona would hesitate killing or doing real harm to, like she has done to Madison and Myrtle. The potential conflict would definitely be fun to watch.”

Most of those reasons still hold up, and with subsequent episodes, the writers seem to be hinting a bit stronger at Delia’s prospects.

I’m going to bullet-point this out:

    • “Being the Supreme isn’t something to wish for, it’s not a gift, it’s a burden,” says Cordelia, chastising the bickering young witches as they prepare to undergo the ‘Sacred Taking’. This shows her attitude and negative feelings about the coveted position, and the way Sarah Paulson delivers the line, with such knowing and severity, hints that she might know something more. Like the fact that she is already aware of the fact that she is the next Supreme, but is in deep denial about it, refusing to accept that she will follow in her mother’s footsteps. She emphasizes the fact that one doesn’t get to chose whether she is or isn’t the Supreme, as if she already knows.
    • She can actually be quite the competent leader/teacher. The great scene in “Head” in which she teaches Misty Day some potion, witchery stuff showcases her abilities as a superior and Misty even comments, “You’re such an awesome leader Miss Cordelia. I’ve got so much to learn from you.” Cordelia wastes no time in clarifying that, “Fiona is the leader of this coven.” Again, she denies the idea of her taking on such a daunting role. The show also makes it a point that we see how others, in this case Misty, could plausibly see her as an authority figure and take her seriously.