Cordelia then pays a visit to the Axeman and warns him of Fiona’s true intentions. She channels her best Fiona and tells him, “She’s going to regain her power, and when she does she’s not going to waste her time on some halfway decent musician in a twelve dollar suit. You feel that? That empty, heartbroken feeling, that’s what it feels like to get close to Fiona.” Snap!

With her powers back, Cordelia attempts to “find” Misty Day once more and finally is able to see where she is trapped. She and Queenie go the cemetery to break Misty out. Queenie performs the Vitalum Vitalis on Misty and revives her.

At the house Myrtle lets Madison know that Cordelia and Queenie are out rescuing Misty when Zoe shows up with Kyle in tow. She says she has returned because “there’s no escaping what I am. I came back because I’m clearly the next Supreme.” Then in comes a very angry Misty Day and lays the smackdown on Madison. It is hilarious and awesome, she really beats her ass. Kyle breaks them apart just as the Axeman shows up in a rage. The witches show some coven solidarity and join their forces to oppose him. They notice blood on the floor and Cordelia uses her sight to see whose it is.

In her vision, Axeman confronts Fiona about her treacherous plans, he tells her Cordelia paid him a visit and tried to turn him against Fiona. He finds a boarding pass in her purse and Fiona admits, “Let’s be realistic, when the next Supreme is dead I’ll have thirty years of vitality until another one comes along…Hell, I know you’ve got all this to offer, but come on…” This doesn’t really sit well with the Axeman and he attacks her, violently hacking at her with his axe.

Back at the house, the witches discuss what to do with Axeman. Myrtle says they should spare him, he just got rid of the greatest threat to the coven after all, but the young witches have other plans for him. Madison is first and strikes him with his own axe, and then Zoe, Misty and Queenie follow stabbing him repeatedly, blood spraying their faces. Myrtle cradles a crying Cordelia.

Jump to Delphine living out her own personal hell. She is now a prisoner in her own twisted torture chamber. Her daughter Borquita is trapped in a cage nearby. Marie is their cruel torturer and makes Borquita drink her own mother’s blood, yuck. Just as Marie is about to brand Borquita, she recoils like she has just awoken and realized where she is, and refuses to continue. Papa Legba shows up and tells them (Delphine and Marie) that this will be eternity for them, Delphine punished for all her evildoings and Marie, for all the innocent souls she sacrificed. As Papa Legba says, “No one gets away with sin. Eventually, everybody pays, everybody suffers.”

Finally at Miss Robichaux’s, Kyle hangs the portrait of Fiona and the girls all say what a great Supreme she was, Cordelia is all like ‘did you all eat a brain tumor for breakfast?’ “She was a force to be reckoned with but she was a horrible Supreme,” says Cordelia, “She shirked all of her responsibility, including the most important, identifying her successor. So it will be up to us to find our new leader, and the only way is through the test of Seven Wonders… Sunday at dawn it begins. Everyone participates. And by next week, we will have a new Supreme.”

That is what it all has come down to. Frankly, the whole Supreme mystery is not as intriguing as it was in the first half of the season and has become annoyingly tiresome. Unless a crazy, unpredictable twist awaits us in the finale, I don’t know how the show can justify all the attention/time it has given to this particular mystery. If they resolve this story thread like they did Delphine and Marie’s story, then I’m certainly not looking forward to the finale. Perhaps what has skewed my negative reaction of the episode is the disappointing ending for those two. While I’m all for Delphine finally getting her comeuppance (and it was a satisfying end for that character), I was hoping for more of a triumph for the Voodoo Queen. Sure, she is not being torture, but she is stuck with Delphine for eternity, and torturing people takes a considerable toll on you soul. Not that Marie shouldn’t have been punished at all, just that her sins don’t really compare to the ones committed by Delphine. Putting them together and forcing them into the same hell somehow equates their transgressions. Delphine was an abuser of power and privilege and took great pleasure in her exploits, whereas Marie had to work against many injustices creating her own power and came nowhere near the sadistic nature of Delphine. Also, Im just kind of sad that is the end of Marie and that we’ll likely not see her again. Angela Bassett was probably my favorite performer this season. 

And about wrapping up stories unsatisfactorily, Fiona's death is incredibly anticlimactic and underwhelming. All season this bif face-off has been hinted at, 'who will be the Supreme to challenge Fiona?' or Fiona vs the coven, that to have the Axeman just kill her so easily feels off. I'm still holding out for some crazy twist that she might not be dead/completely dead.  

What did you think of “Go To Hell”?

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