With everything that happens in this latest episode of American Horror Story, “Go To Hell”, it really is a rather dull hour of television. Particularly AHS, which has always provided a smidgen of something to keep me entertained. Sure, it has its bit moments of excitement and shock, but ultimately left me feeling… Underwhelmed? Bored? Indifferent? This season hasn’t been the strongest in terms of story or character, so I don’t expect an instant improvement on that front, but while Coven’s narrative has suffered greatly, its sense of fun and entertainment has never really wavered. Whenever the story was getting too absurd or nonsensical or tedious, in came Myrtle with an insanely hilarious monologue or Madison spewing snark and bitchery wherever she went, or Fiona serving up Supreme, head bitch in charge realness. Those moments are missing from this episode; the ones that make me go “That’s why I’m still watching this show.” Aside from one really great Misty moment, everything else feels either disappointing or unremarkable. Maybe the writers left all the surprises and insanity for the finale.

Rant over. Commence Recap:

The episode opens with a silent movie style vignette, in which we are presented with the trial of the “Seven Wonders”. Those wonders are: Telekinesis, Concilium, Transmutation, Divination, Vitalum Vitalis, Descensum, and Pyrokinesisand; they must be performed successfully by a witch in order to be named the next Supreme. The vignette concludes with an ominous voice over of Fiona saying, “Our highest honor comes at the greatest price, death is not uncommon, and danger, inescapable. Attempting the seven wonders can get you killed, but perform them and you are the next Supreme,” as one of the old-timey witches is engulfed in flames. Fiona is talking to Queenie, who resists the witch’s attempt to manipulate her. They argue over Marie’s unknown whereabouts and the conversation ends with Fiona telling Queenie that her trials will begin soon. Nobody messes with the (current) Supreme.


Cordelia barges into Madison’s room seeking help. She wants to see whether she has her powers back, Madison is apprehensive at first and evades Cordelia’s grasp with some cool transmutation, but ultimately allows Cordelia to touch her and is relieved when Cordelia’s powers are nonexistent.

Queenie snoops in the basement/greenhouse and finds a bloody mess, we can hear a pissed off Marie talk about Delphine, but it is unclear whether Queenie hears it or not. She does, however, infer that the blood is Marie’s. She then manages to descend into her hell (back to the chicken shack) where she meets Papa Legba. He is impressed that she was able to descend before her time and schools her about the nature of hell. They come back from hell and discuss what to do with both Marie and Delphine. Papa Legba agrees to end his agreement with Marie in order for Queenie to be able to kill Delphine.

Cut to Delphine now giving the tour at her own house, which has become quite the tourist attraction. She has a modern new look and is denying all the atrocities she committed in the past. Queenie shows up and confronts Delphine, who tells her how she took over the house. It is quite hilarious to see Delphine in disguise going on the tour dedicated to her own life. She obviously is not too happy with the way the tours are conducted and promptly knocks the tour guide out quite gruesomely. Blood splatters everywhere. Queenie implores Delphine to repent and atone for what she has done, but Delphine feels absolutely no remorse and refuses to. She goes on about the state of the country and what a shameful way people behave, etc. She won’t be a hypocrite and apologize for what she is not sorry for, unlike so many nowadays. Queenie can’t have in anymore and stabs Delphine, sending her to hell. Finally! You go, Queenie!

At Miss Robichaux’s Fiona sits for her portrait and she’s all emotional and depressed, maybe questioning her selfishness and place in the world. Later Cordelia visits her and asks what the deal is about Queenie doing the “Seven Wonders”. But Fiona doesn’t want to argue. She does tell her daughter that she didn’t need to mutilate herself, her powers cannot leave her, they are innate, and it is all within her. Thanks, you kind of could’ve said that before she took some gardening shears to her face. She goes on to hand down her “most precious heirloom” (her mother’s necklace) to Cordelia who surmises that Fiona is “saying goodbye.” It’s quite the touching moment, until Fiona clasps the necklace on her daughter’s neck and Cordelia’s powers reemerge stronger than ever. She has a haunting vision (Via a close-up of her messed up eye-holes which I really had no desire to see with such detail. Seriously, poor Delia’s face is disgusting) of all the witches dead in the most gruesome ways, finally she sees herself with what appears to be a gunshot in the forehead and a hand snaps the necklace from her neck, it is revealed that the vision is in Fiona’s point of view and that she is responsible for the massacre. Very disturbing.