American Horror Story: Asylum came back from hiatus with a bang. With only four episodes left in the miniseries, “The Name Game” certainly did not disappoint. In this episode we witnessed two unexpected deaths, a surprising deflowering, a mysterious character reappearance and a bizarre Briarcliff birth.  

Arden brings Kit back to life after stopping his heart. Arden insists that the aliens did not come, but as we saw last episode, they did – and brought back Grace, currently pregnant with Kit’s child. Later we witness Grace on the table with Arden observing her. Pepper looks on in the distance, like a hawk in the sky, confronting Arden when gets too close to Grace’s unborn baby. (Pepper speaks!) Pepper reassures Arden that X-rays won’t hurt Grace or her unborn baby, since she’s “protected.” She continues on to berate Arden, explaining that everyone laughs and makes jokes about him. When Arden attempts to open Grace’s stomach up, a presence appears, pulling him back. Pepper shoos him away: “I’ll take care of Grace as you go find your deflated ego.” (Burn!)

Sister Mary Eunice is playing nurse to Monsignor, who is still healing from his attack. As she’s helping him, we flash back to Monsignor’s confrontation with the Angel of Death, who reminds him that he has more work to do. Although he insists he’s too weak, she motivates him: “Use your rosary. This is your moment.” Sister Mary Eunice tucks Monsignor in and insists she’ll be back later, since she has to go get a delivery.

The special delivery happens to be a jukebox, a gift from Sister Mary to get Briarcliff into the 20th century. After the jukebox is set up in the Common Room, Sister Mary aggressively dedicates the first song to Judy Martin – or patient G2573. Kit finds Lana and the two hug. When the two sit down to talk, Lana insists that Thredson’s loose. As “I Put a Spell on You,” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins begins playing, in walks Thredson. He walks over and joins Kit and Lana, spilling the beans that Lana is pregnant. Thredson starts blackmailing Kit about his confession, explaining they’ll resume treatment. Kit and Lana are mortified to learn that Sister Mary Eunice offered Thredson a full time position at Briarcliff. To add insult to injury, we learn she was the one who set him free from the closet.

The residents are awakened in the middle of the night for room searches. Lana pins Sister Mary Eunice against the wall, berating her for hiring Thredson. Sister Mary Eunice plays it cool: “Thredson is just concerned for you and your unborn child.” The guards take Lana away for more treatment. Sister Mary Eunice walks out of Jude’s room with a pickle, embarrassing her in front of the residents. The doctors take Jude to get more shock therapy after the staff diagnoses her with “manic depression.”

Sister Mary Eunice continues to take care of Monsignor as he’s healing. She insists that he’s healing too well. Monsignor uses this moment to strike. He attacks her, but Sistermur Mary Eunice strikes right back. She undresses, donning Jude’s red lingerie and takes his virginity. As Sister Mary finishes, we see Arden is standing in the doorway.

Back in the Common Room, Jude is a complete disaster. Everyone is eyeing her down – whispering, laughing and staring as she walks by. “Looks like they turned the juice up extra high,” Lana says, witnessing Jude trying to unplug the jukebox. When Lana approaches her, Jude can’t even recall who Lana is. Instead, a musical fantasy sequence takes place to the song “The Name Game.” (I guess Ryan Murphy had to bring some Glee to American Horror Story, right?)

Sister Mary Eunice finds Arden outside in the woods, who’s obviously jealous. Arden is feeding the mutants, explaining to Sister Mary Eunice his experiments are over. Arden takes out a gun, shoots the mutants and tries to shoot himself, but cries himself out of it. Arden: “You have no idea what it means to have lost you.” Sister Mary Eunice is not interested in what he has to say, calling him pitiful. Arden begs for Sister Mary Eunice to have pity on him, but instead she shoves him to the ground. So much for that.

Monsignor goes down to the bakery, asking everyone to stop what they’re doing and leave the room, except for a barely there Jude. He tries to talk to her, explaining that he was wrong and she was always a loyal and honest friend. Monsignor asks for advice on what to do, confessing that they need to stop Sister Mary Eunice. Jude: “You kill her.”

Thredson goes to Arden’s office, looking for medicine. When he doesn’t get a response, he opens the door and looks in the medicine cabinet for what he needs. Thredson hears a scream and follows the voice to the operating table, where Pepper and Grace are. Pepper confirms that Grace is crowning.

Sister Mary Eunice stumbles upon Monsignor as he’s praying, realizing he’s trying to kill her because he’s praying for strength. She rambles off ways that he could kill her. (I mean, I guess if you had to go, wouldn’t you want it your way?) The two wind up outside by the stairwell, where Sister Mary Eunice begs for forgiveness from Monsignor. As she’s hysterically crying and apologizing, he asks her to let go. When she goes, he throws her body down the stairwell. The Angel of Death hovers over Sister Mary Eunice, who receives the kiss of death.

Later, Monsignor reads off a prayer over Sister Mary Eunice’s corpse. Arden confesses that he knows Monsignor killed her. As Monsignor tries to prepare Sister Mary Eunice for a burial, Arden says no, insisting that she must be cremated. Monsignor offers to assist Arden, but he denies him, explaining he wants to do the cremation himself.

Thredson has Kit brought in for his 3:00 appointment – donning a straight jacket. Thredson brings Kit into a room with Grace and their baby, delivered by Pepper. Thredson blackmails Kit, explaining that now Arden can be charged for one of the worst misdiagnoses or can finally be held responsible for all the things he’s been doing in his lab. Kit asks Grace if this is true and she insists it is. Kit caves and tells Thredson where the tape is.

Not so fast! As Thredson finds the book under the tub, Lana hovers, insisting she’s the only one who knows where the tape is now. She threatens him that she’ll find a way to get it to the police. Lana comes out with the best line of the episode – and possibly the series – when she reminds Thredson: “I’m Goddamn plucky, remember?” She’s not going away anytime soon. (Go Lana!)

Although Lana got her groove back, Sister Jude is still stuck. In the Common Room, we see her trying to remember every residents’ name. She talks to a fellow sister, telling a lavish story about how the Monsignor is taking her to Rome, they’re getting married and how he loves her cooking. The Sister can see that Jude is quacked out right now, but starts to pay attention when Jude points her attention to Lana. Jude: “You see her? That’s Lana Winters and she doesn’t belong here.” She asks the Sister to help Lana get out of here.

Arden is downstairs preparing Sister Mary for her cremation. As he sends her off to go, he starts crying and jumps on top of her. He goes in the chamber with her, to be cremated with her. (Love will make you do crazy things, right?) How romantic. And creepy.

What did you think of last night’s American Horror Story: Asylum? Do you think that the Devil is gone for good? Do you think the aliens will be back?