We open to find Johnny Morgan, the son of Lana Winters and Dr. Oliver Thredson, in his father's house as he welcomed a visitor - a call girl named Pandora. Johnny ordered the call girl off the internet for her, well, let's say "assets." She bragged about the work she had done to her bust line, claiming that Johnny wouldn't be focusing on anything else once they came out. The woman was also a new mother, bragging that she just had her baby three weeks prior. Apparently Johnny knew exactly what he wanted, rewarding Pandora with a huge stack of bills. Pandora played along with his strange predetermined requests, touting "I'm going to take care of you, Johnny." He went right in for her new prized possessions, highlighting why this episode was appropriately titled "Spilt Milk."

Kit is reunited with Grace and their child in the Common Room. Grace is recounting her experience with the aliens, telling Kit "They're not like us. They're not cruel." When Kit asks about Alma, we flashback to Grace watching her drown. Grace explains that the aliens aren't perfect. She reminds Kit that their baby is special and will be able to "Change the way people think." The pair share a moment before Thredson & company storm in to take their child away. It's obvious that Thredson is using the child as blackmail to get the taped confession from Lana.

Mother Claudia pulled Lana aside in the bakery, explaining that she's going to get Lana out of here. A skeptical Lana is hesitant to believe this, especially because this has been promised to her before. Mother Claudia insists that there's a cab waiting outside for Lana to take her wherever she wants to go. Lana finally gives in when she realizes Mother Claudia wants to see Briarcliff go down for this. Before she leaves, Lana cuts open a bag of flour in the bakery, exposing the confession tape. With her tape and file in hand, Lana walks over to Jude, thanking her for this. She promises Jude she'll come back for her. It seems like Lana is finally ready to make her escape.

Not so fast. 

As Lana walks downstairs, she sees Kit and Dr. Thredson having a conversation on the staircase. Kit sees her so he turns the other way, distracting Thredson so Lana can make her escape. As she walks out to the cab, Thredson watches her in the cab, driving away. Lana sends him off with a lovely gift, placing the tape on the cab window as she flips him the bird. One for you, Lana Winters!

You didn't expect Lana to stay away for too long, right? Of course not. Thredson heads home to find Lana perched in his living room, armed with a gun. She informs him that the police have the taped confession and they're on their way. As Thredson makes a drink, we realize he has a gun in his drawer. This scene flashes between Thredson and Johnny Morgan. Johnny is still with Pandora, the hooker, who he chokes out of animosity towards his mother. (I guess she won't be getting that wad of cash after all). Lana interrogates Thredson about Wendy's body. He explains to Lana that he had sex with her corpse several times. As he reaches for his gun, Lana shoots him. 

Back at the asylum, the Monsignor refuses to speak to the press about the controversy surrounding Briarcliff. (Hmmm... this sounds strangely familiar, doesn't it?) The Monsignor later accepts a meeting with Kit, who demands to get his baby back from the orphanage or else he'll go to the press. The Monsignor is not convinced until Kit informs him that there's a death certificate in her Grace's name, so nobody will ever know. Or as Kit explains "You don't have to lie and I don't have to tell the truth."

Kit, Grace and baby Thomas take a cab to back to his house. Kit explains that his country home is a little messy, but they can fix it up as a family - and maybe even get a horse. This is Kit's first time back since the invasion, so he tells Grace to lower her expectations. As the three settle in, they hear a noise from the other part of the house. Kit walks over to find Alma in the room, holding their baby in her arms. Not the best welcome home gift, now is it Kit?

Now that the tables have turned, the nuns are giving Sister Jude a hard time. As she goes up to get her pills, she angrily knocks the tray over. The Monsignor comes over to try to talk some sense in her, as a friend, but she's not having any of it. Jude nags him about losing his virginity to the Devil, out of all people. The Monsignor insists he isn't going to let what happened deter him from his ultimate goal. This disgusts Jude and she lets him know exactly how she feels. The Monsignor becomes frustrated by Jude's words and motions for the guards to take her away. Jude has the last word, insisting that he will never make it. "My god will never allow it."

After shooting Thredson, Lana is finally able to hand over the evidence about Briarcliff to the detectives. Lana demands that they all have to go back in to rescue Jude. When they arrive, the Monsignor informs them that Jude hung herself two weeks ago and her body was cremated. Lana calls his bluff, insisting that she's not dead. Lana is in fact right, although she can't prove it. Jude's locked away in a confined room far, far away. 

Lana never ended up going through with her abortion, even though her friends referred her to someone who could "help." Midway through the procedure she stops everything, insisting that she doesn't want anymore death. We later find out that Lana delivered her baby in the hospital. Although she requested not to see the baby, the nurse brings him in anyway because he's not eating. Instead of leaving him alone, Lana gives in and breastfeeds her baby, staring up at the cross for strength. It seems like she wasn't as heartless as Johnny made her out to be. Or is it too soon to tell?

What did you think of this episode? Any predictions on what's up next for Jude, Lana or Johnny?