In the first part of this two part episode, we were introduced to our newest addition to Briarcliff – Anne Frank. The last time we saw Sister Jude, it was obvious she was warming up to the idea that Anne may be, in fact, telling the truth. Anne claimed that Dr. Arden, or Hans Gruber, was a Nazi war criminal at Auschwitz. The day she came in Arden was questioned by police after a woman claimed he assaulted her and claimed he possessed strange Nazi paraphernalia. It was obvious that Sister Jude was carrying Anne’s story with a heavy heart, leading to her next move.

Sister Jude leaves Briarcliff to secretly meet with Sam Goodman, a Holocaust survivor and Nazi war crimes hunter, who says he doesn’t do this investigating for money. She continues to tell him that she believes that Dr. Arden was a former Nazi doctor who went by the alias of Hans Gruber. Goodman goes on to explain Operation: Paperclip, where the best Nazi scientists were assembled, given false biographies and brought into the United States for assistance with our space program and nuclear armory. Goodman asks if Jude has ever seen Arden without a shirt. on When she replies no, Goodman explains that he should have a tattoo of his blood type and that the “last thing you want to do is corner him.”

Flash back to Briarcliff, where Anne has made her way up to Sister Jude’s office with a weakened down Arden, after shooting him in the leg. She walks in to see Sister Mary, who’s rummaging through Sister Jude’s desk. Anne proceeds to tell Sister Mary, who’s in cahoots with Dr. Arden, that Arden is a “monster” and has something (who we know is Shelley) hiding in his office. Sister Mary hurries out of the office, telling Anne she’ll go fetch Sister Jude. Moments later Frank catches Anne and corners her with her back turned with a gun. Game over.

Instead of finding her way to freedom, Anne wakes up in a straight jacket, under questioning by Sister Jude. She asks Anne to explain what happened. Anne continues to tell Sister Jude that she saw a disformed “creature” (Shelley) that was alive in Arden’s dungeon. She said it may have escaped on its own, but it had no legs. Midway through Anne’s chronicles, we find out that there’s a man in Sister Jude’s office.

Sister Jude is introduced to Mr. Jim Brown, who claims his wife Charlotte is in Briarcliff. Brown, a seemingly very well put together gentleman, tells Sister Jude that Charlotte is his wife – but not Anne Frank. Brown recounts that Charlotte’s obsession with Anne started when she read the biography and saw the play. One night he found his wife in the house, tattooing the number on herself – thereby nullifying the authenticity of the Auschwitz tattoo. He believes Charlotte’s struggles began when she became a mother. Even though she was a mother, she’d spend hours obsessing over ‘projects’ revolving around the Holocaust. Moments after, Dr. Thredson enters the room, proclaiming that Charlotte may have post-pardum depression. After criticizing Dr. Thredson for his medical diagnosis – claiming that he doesn’t work here – Sister Jude insists that Charlotte goes home with her husband.
We’re then taken back to Kit and Grace, who are still separated but remain able to communicate through the wall in solitary. Sister Mary interrupts their conversation with the news that Sister Jude is releasing Kit from solitary, but not Grace. Instead, Grace will still have her sterilization surgery in the morning.

Kit meets with Dr. Thredson again and continue their discussion from the previous session. Thredson wants Kit to confess, that is, if he really means it and genuinely believes he did it. Thredson asks Kit to speak about his confession out loud, which he catches on tape. 

Sister Jude later calls Sam Goodman, feeling defeated, telling him that she gave him the wrong information from their secret meeting earlier. As she’s about to hang up, Arden enters the room, inquiring about who she was speaking to and what it was about. Arden goes on to tell Sister Jude he’s aware that she went into his lab without his permission and he plans on pressing charges to force her dismissal. 

We later see a somewhat endearing scene between Arden and Sister Mary, who assists Arden with his gunshot wound bandages. During this scene, we find out that Sister Mary went down to the lab while Anne was on her rampage, hiding all lab evidence and setting Shelley free outside of Briarcliff. Arden continues to tell Sister Mary that he trusts her. Shortly after, we’re taken to what seems to be a playground area, where Shelley is discovered by a little girl. The girl runs away screaming as Shelley is struggling to make her way up the staircase, where she’s found by the girl’s monitor.

Back at Briarcliff, Charlotte’s husband frantically returns, begging Sister Jude to take her back. Sister Jude chastises Mr. Brown, proclaiming he “didn’t give her much of a chance.” He said he tried but Charlotte wasn’t connecting – with him, the baby or back at home. When he tried to have Charlotte connect with the baby, she threw a drink at the wall instead. When he offered for her to go hold their baby as he was crying, she tried to suffocate him instead. Charlotte’s husband seeks help from Dr. Thredson, so Sister Jude asks Frank to go get him, without realizing he’s nowhere to be found. 

Mr. Brown is on his way to see Charlotte in her cell when he runs into Dr. Arden, who’s exiting her cell. After making the connection that Arden was the man she shot, Brown continues to apologize for his wife, telling Arden he wish there was something they could do to cure her problems. This was music to Dr. Arden’s ears – who informs Charlotte’s husband that there’s a “more humane remedy at hand” that he could perform tonight. He assures Mr. Brown that he could have her home by tomorrow, like “new.”  

We see Dr. Thredson rushing to find Lana, telling her he has a plan to get her out, but they have to do it now. He tells Lana to play it cool and hold his documents while they walk out. As they reach security, the officer’s cigarette light goes out, but Oliver Thredson swoops right in to save the day and relights it for him. Right when they think they’ve made it out, Frank tells Dr. Thredson that Sister Jude needs him for a consult, but he responds that he can tell Sister Jude that “he doesn’t work here and never did.” Close call, but the two make it out. 

Cut to Sister Jude, who has taken solace alone in her room, realizing her time is running out. Her haste to jump to conclusions about Dr. Arden has sacrificed her career, especially now that the only evidence she had turned out to be a lie. (In this scenario, it didn’t help that she was a woman, either.) Frank enters the room, telling Sister Jude that Lana is missing, dealing her the final straw of her career. Sister Jude continues to tell Frank a sob story about her life and how her mother was a hotel maid constantly working and her father wasn’t around. Tearfully, she tells Frank her time is up, even though he assures her that it’s not her fault – “Men are never going to accept a woman being in charge. Especially not a woman as strong as you.” Sister Jude packs up her things, reverting back to Judy Martin and heads right back to a bar, where a man buys her a drink.

Back at Briarcliff, Arden straps Anne down on a table in his lab, as her husband watches from the sidelines. Arden reassures Mr. Brown, who’s showing his concern, that the procedure is safe. Arden then begins to perform his signature lobotomy, with surgical tools that look like they came straight out of a horror movie. As Charlotte was getting “fixed,” so was Judy, who reverts back to her past and ends up spending the night with her new gentlemen friend from the bar.

Fresh off their escape from Briarcliff, Dr. Thredson and Lana arrive at his home, where he insists that she must stay until the smoke clears. Lana attempts to make a call to find out where Wendy is, but she’s quickly caught by Thredson who demands no phone calls, since he’s in this mess, too. As they converse on the couch, Thredson assures Lana that she’s going to win a Pulitzer Prize for her work – and his story. Lana, taken back, questions his last statement, asking “Your’ story?” After an uncomfortable pause, Lana makes a toast: “Here’s to taking down Briarcliff.” 

As Lana awkwardly looks away, she’s forced to examine the lampshade next to her, that looks like it’s made of human skin. That’s right, it was in fact human skin. (And yes, those were nipples.) Thredson then offers Lana mints from a bowl shaped from a skullcap, which immediately sends Lana into a bit of a panic. Lana offers to use the restroom, which Thredson shows her is down the hall.

Lana walks to the bathroom, attempting to open every other door in the hallway. When she discovers the only other door thats unlocked, she's amazed to find a narrow room with bones, hair  and tools tools all over. Thredson leans on the side of the door as Lana starts to panic. Lana: "You make furniture?" Thredson responds that he mostly makes lamps, which shades he makes himself. After a gulp, Lana continues to ask "What kind of material do you use?" Thredson responds with a simple answer: "Skin." He then pushes a button, opening a trap chute underneath Lana's feet. Down she went.

At Briarcliff, Kit finds Grace sleeping in the Common Room and immediately rushes to her side once he sees she's bleeding between the legs. As he tries to get to her, the detectives grab him and arrest him - based on his taped confession earlier this morning. Grace awakens to see this, but she's weak from her steralizing procedure that her low voice goes unnoticed. But she continues to yell that "Alma is alive!"

Back at Dr. Thredson's place, Lana awakens in what seems to be a basement slaughterhouse. As she looks over, she realizes that Wendy's body lay beside her, frozen. Thredson appears, telling Lana that by now he'd have the skin and head removed, but he wanted to keep her around longer. Thredson tells Lana that they're going to resume their therapy session from last week. Thredson: "You can begin by kissing her cold lips." At that moment, Thredson pulls out the Bloody Face mask, confirming what we've already suspected - Dr. Thredson is Bloody Face. As he puts the mask on, he assures Lana that she won't bite because "he took her teeth." Lana screams, but there's nobody to help her.

Flash to the Brown residence, where Jim and Charlotte have returned back after their trip back to Briarcliff. As Jim enters the room, Charlotte's holding the baby with her back turned to the camera. As she turns around, her face is perfectly normal and she seems like a different woman. Charlotte is perfectly put together, resembling a spitting image of the picture perfect housewife. In the corner we see a garbage can filled with Charlotte's past Halocaust research. Jim says to her, "You seem happy. Are you as happy as you look?" As Charlotte walks out the door to make her husband a drink, she responds "I have never been happier." Yeah, right.
As the scene ends, the camera zooms to the newspaper clips from Charlotte's research that are still left on the board. As we zoom in, we see a photo of what seems to be Adolph Hitler, with none other than Dr. Arden (Hans Gruber) standing behind him!

What did you think of this episode? Did you think that Dr. Thredson was Bloody Face all along? What do you think happened to Charlotte/Anne? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.