Sister Jude is called downstairs in the middle of the night when the guards bring a new patient into Briarcliff for a psychiatric hold. The woman was in a fight with bar patrons who made anti-Semitic remarks that set her off. Sister Jude questions the woman, asking if she lost someone in the war or if something about that riled her up, but the woman just continues to whistle and ignores the questions.

Elsewhere, Kit and Grace are working together in the kitchen. Grace notices a cut on Kit’s lip and asks if it’s from Arden. When he says yes, we’re taken through a flashback of the dungeon, where Kit’s strapped to Arden’s table. Arden takes x-rays of Kit’s body and tortures him, searching for answers. After listening to Kit’s story, Grace shows compassion. Kit wasn’t expecting that, so he asks Grace to share with him what she did to end up here. She opens up and tells Kit that a man with an axe murdered her whole family. She claims that nobody believes her story, but Kit insists he does. The two strike up a bond over the similar experiences they’ve faced.

Kit later meets with Dr. Thredson - who assures Kit he doesn’t think he’s crazy - but not capable of being that evil, either. Dr. Thredson tells Kit that he believes he made the whole alien abduction story up in his head to cover up his heinous crimes. Kit gets upset with Dr. Thredson, who then offers Kit a deal. If he tells the truth about what happened from here on out, Dr. Thredson will lie to the courts. Kit, extremely frustrated, says he’s been telling the truth. Dr. Thredson instead tries to piece together what he thinks happened with Kit, explaining to Kit that he probably removed Alma’s skin because of his angst about the secret marriage. A frustrated and annoyed Kit slams down the accusations and storms out.

We find Kit working in the bakery, taking his anger out on the dough. Once Grace walks in, Kit wonders if he really did commit those dreadful crimes. He turns around and grabs Grace, who insists she will stay by his side regardless of “what he is.” The two began to kiss and fool around. The two get down to business on the kneading table, giving a new meaning to "rolling the dough." Right after they finish, the duo is discovered by Frank, the security guard.

The pair were taken upstairs to Sister Jude’s office, where they prepared to be caned for their dirty deed. Sister Jude criticized the pair for their actions, wondering why they were interested in conceiving a murder baby. Kit angrily got up and screamed at Sister Jude that “Grace didn’t kill anyone!” Sister Jude believed it’d be better for the pair to be sterilized, instead of the usual caning punishment. Sister Mary and Frank were put in charge of placing Kit and Grace in confinement once Sister Jude was called to deal with a problem involving police officers and Arden. When Sister Mary got Kit alone, she showed him Grace’s file, claiming she’s not as innocent as Kit makes her out to be. Once the file was opened, Kit read and realized that Grace was in fact the person responsible for killing her family.

Lana finds the new, unidentified woman writing in the Common Room and immediately warns her about what will happen if she gets caught. When the woman ignores Lana’s advice, she snarls back, “I hope you like pain.” Lana knows a thing or two about getting in trouble for writing, considering the last time she was caught she was subjected to rounds of electroshock therapy. (But hey, what does she know?) As Lana walks up to take her pill, she visualized herself standing on a podium, accepting an award for her journalistic accounts during her stay at Briarcliff.

The unidentified woman is thrown into a panic when Dr. Arden walks in the room. She abrubtly stands up, runs over to him and begins attacking him, until she’s pulled away. She continues to shout “Nazi, Nazi!” at Arden, who turns as white as a ghost. Sister Jude later has a talk with the woman, who claims that she's, in fact, Anne Frank. (Yes – the Anne Frank.) Although she has no identification, the woman begins to tell Sister Jude that she remembers Arden - under his other alias of Hans Gruber - from her time at Auschwitz. Anne insists that she eventually escaped and married an American soldier from New Jersey, who passed away during the war. Sister Jude is not having any of this, sarcastically remarking back at her, “What a relief it will be to millions of school children to know that you survived!” Sister Jude continues to belittle the woman, calling her story “indecent,” to which Anne shouts back “No! You are indecent!” Anne later extends her forearm so Sister Jude can see the first piece of practical evidence on her arm – her camp tattoo.

Following her talk with Anne, Sister Jude walks over to see Arden but finds him speaking with two police officers in regards to a claim filed against him. The officers said that the woman, who was Arden’s “house guest” one evening, was almost assaulted. The woman told police she found a disturbing stash in his room, including graphic photos and Nazi memorabilia. Sister Jude’s face immediately lit up after those remarks. (Could the woman posing as Anne really be telling the truth?) Not so fast - Arden passed off the claims brought against him without any hesitation. The officers later told Sister Jude that they were suspicious and believed there was a possibility that Arden was, in fact, Bloody Face.

After talking with the officers, Sister Jude approaches Monsignor Timothy, who shrugs off her fears and suspicions about Arden. Once Sister Jude leaves the office, he makes a call to Arden, who is in the middle of experiments on Shelley. During the call, Monsignor Timothy informs Arden that Sister Jude is hot on his trail. Monsignor Timothy urges Arden if he “has any housekeeping to do, he better do it now.” It turns out that Monsignor Timothy knows a lot more about Arden’s past then we had originally imagined.

Lana later meets with Dr. Thredson, who insists that she’s not meant to be at Briarcliff. He says that she’s not insane nor a danger to society. Thredson starts to ask Lana about her alleged escape with Kit and Grace, which she denies. He reassures her that she had every right to try to get out of this place.

Dr. Thredson offers Lana a way out, if she’s willing to take it. He wants to “cure” her; her sexuality, that is. After mulling it over, Lana accepts, knowing that this may be her only way out. Soon after, Dr. Thredson starts Lana on “cutting edge” therapy: Scrolling through images of attractive woman while being injected with drugs that make her sick. After unsuccessfully navigating through that terrain, Dr. Thredson brings in a male patient and has him disrobe. Once he exposes himself, he directs Lana to touch the male patient and herself. After her attempts failed, Lana wasn’t able to continue on.

Dr. Thredson commended Lana for her efforts, even though she was defeated. He gave her a photo of Wendy and assured her that she just had to make it to the end of the week, when he would get her out of this place. He didn’t know how he was going to do it, but he was certainly going to find a way.

Later, Kit and Grace were placed in solitary confinement, but the two still managed to communicate between the wall. Kit told Grace he read her file and let her know he was angry that she lied to him. Grace angrily replied that she wasn’t sorry for what she did and instead told Kit the “real story.” She claimed that for years her father sexually abused her. When she tried to tell her stepmother, she didn’t even acknowledge the claims and instead gave Grace candy to shut her up. She admitted that she killed her family after her father sold off her beloved horses, which was the last straw. Kit said that he “admired” Grace, leading to his next big move.

Kit confessed to Sister Jude that he had to be responsible for the awful killings and asked her for forgiveness. He questioned that if God does see everything, then he must have witnessed him killing those women. He continued to pent for his sins and begged Sister Jude to forgive him.

Meanwhile, Arden races down to find Anne and drags her back to his dungeon with him. He still denies Anne’s claims, claiming he’s "from Scottsdale" and she’s completely mistaken. Anne insists that this dungeon she's in must be where he completes his new experiments. After Arden attempts to lock the door, he realizes Anne has a gun with her, which is now pointing at the back of his head. As Anne demands for Arden to confess, she hears a strange noise coming from the locked door. When he attempts to stand up, Anne shoots him in the leg. Anne later opens the door, exposing a deformed Shelley, begging for the woman to kill her.

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