Alma and Grace now live with Kit and their two kids, Julia and Thomas, in Kit's country home. Grace continues to draw pictures of the aliens, hoping that these images will later help them to remember. Alma dislikes the drawings, explaining that Grace is living in the past. Alma shockingly looks out for Grace and tells Kit to go to her to make sure she's doing alright. Grace won't let go of the alien invasion. When Kit goes to Grace's room, the two have sex, as Alma listens from the other side of the wall. Alma believes another alien invasion takes place when bright lights and fire come storming in the house. It turns out to be a false alarm, but it scared Alma. Kit insists Billy Marshall, his former friend from the pilot episode, was behind this. When a police officer shows up to the house, he won't go after Billy since there's no actual evidence. Kit insists he'll take this into his own hands if he has to, but the police officer says he should watch himself, considering polygamy is illegal in this state.

Alma becomes noticably annoyed with Grace, who's been spending more time with Kit. She also can't stand the fact that Grace won't let go of the aliens. Grace assures Alma that the invasion was a spiritual occurance. Alma disagrees and just wants to forget this whole mess. She wants things to go back to normal: back when she was married to Kit and before he brought home Grace, who she considers "an axe murderer." Alma slaps Grace and apologizes, but the damage is already done.

Later that night, Kit leaves his bedroom to meet Grace, who's drawing in the living room. Kit asks what she's doing up so late. Grace confesses she spent so much time "asleep" so she's enjoying every moment now - her love for Kit, Alma and their wonderful miracle babies, but she won't live in fear or isolation. As they're talking, Alma attacks Grace with an axe. Alma backs away, shaken up by the incident, but it's too late: Grace is dead - again.

The year is 1968. Back at Briarcliff, Jude is playing Candy Land with Pepper and the other patients. It turns out she's not dead after all, even though her death certificate says otherwise. The Monsignor approaches Jude in the Common Room, begging to have a word with her. She says Jude is dead and responds that her new name now is Betty Drake. When she gives in and decides to speak with him, the Monsignor informs Jude (or should we say Betty) that he's been appointed Cardinal of New York. Briarcliff will now be a state institution, therefore more inmates are on the way. The Monsignor assures Jude she doesn't need to worry because he's going to get her out of here. "The cruelest thing of all, Timothy, is false hope," Jude says. He insists he'll make her a believer.

The new patients start to flood into Briarcliff. We see two familiar faces: Alma and the Angel of Death, who's presence terrifies Jude. The Angel of Death makes her way over to Jude. Rumor has it Jude is the top dog around here, so the Angel of Death wants to team up with her - or else. To Jude's surprise, the Angel of Death becomes her new roommate. Jude insists she wants nothing to do with her.

The next morning, Pepper notices something wrong with Jude. When Pepper inquires about it, Jude says she hasn't been sleeping because of her new roommate. Immediately after, the Sister of Death comes into the Common Room. Later, in order to prove herself, the Angel of Death stabs a fellow patient who disobeys her orders. Later that night in their room, the woman tries to kiss Jude, who pushes her off. The guards come running into the room to find Jude beating her up, except it's not the Sister of Death, it's another patient. Jude is placed in a straight jacket and meets Dr. Miranda Crump, who informs her that's the fifth roommate in two months that she's fought with. She tells Jude, or Betty Drake, that she needs to get along with her roommates or else she'll be put back in solitary confinement. Jude tells Dr. Crump that the Monsignor assured her he'd get her out of here. The problem? It's two and a half years later. Jude gets frustrated and tells Dr. Crump to speak to Pepper, but she passed away in 1966. Jude doesn't remember this. Dr. Crump assures her that her doctor will up her dosage, reassuring her that "Everything is going to be alright."

Everything is alright for Lana Winters. It's 1969 and her book, Maniac: One Woman's Story of Survival, spent 10 weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers list. She's currently at a bookstore to do a book signing. As she reads an excerpt of her book to the audience, she imagines seeing Dr. Thredson and Wendy in the crowd. The two criticize Lana for failing to tell the truth in her book. During this sequence, Thredson calls Lana out, insisting she's only interested in one thing: fame. When she snaps out of her dream, the audience shows empathy for her, insisting they shouldn't have made her recount these horrific experiences.

After her reading, Lana sits down to sign copies of her book. Her diva personna is exposed when her assistant tells her there are no snacks here. Lana snarks that she should have packed the almonds like she asked and demands for her beverage to be a different temperature. Lana gets back to her signing and realizes her next guest is Kit. She gets up and gives him a hug. The two leave the signing and go across the street for a cup of coffee.

Lana continues to boast about her post-Briarcliff fame, talking about a recent interview, her new book in progress and how she sold the film rights for her book to Hollywood. Kit shows no interest in this side of Lana and instead interrogates her about returning to Briarcliff. Kit is amazed to find out that Lana has become nothing but a cheap celebrity. Kit informs Lana that Alma was in Briarcliff, but she passed away there. When Kit asks about Jude, Lana says there's nothing she can do. Kit angrily informs Lana that she said she was going to take down Briarcliff. "Things change, people change," Lana explains. She insists that she tried to go back but saw her death certificate. She's dead. Kit disagrees: "I saw her."

Kit gets back into his car after meeting with Lana. We see a present day Johnny Morgan in his car behind him. Johnny walks into the present-day bookstore, which seems to be closing. He tells the owner he's looking for the Maniac book. Johnny offers the owner a large amount of money for it, telling her Lana is his mother. The owner refuses his offer, insisting that it's her mother's personal copy. She insists that in the book Lana's baby died at birth, therefore Johnny can't possibly be her son. Johnny has an extensive plan for when he meets his mother. He will introduce himself to her then shoot her with his handgun, in order to "complete his father's work." Before he can do all that, he's going to need that book. The woman eventually gives in and gives him the book out of fear.

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