Last week’s big tease paid off immediately on last night’s "American Gladiators." Adam Levin, a shark hunter that goes by the nickname "Hebrew Hammer," only lasted a few seconds into Powerball before his leg was broken by Mayhem. Adam actually tried to get up and score another point, with Toa trying to nudge him away without hurting him even more. We were then treated to a cheesy moment with Titan making sure he was okay. Adam said Titan was the reason he started lifting, and Titan exclaimed, "This is a true warrior, a true American Gladiator!" Amusingly, Adam’s opponent Sharaud scored as many points as Adam did – thanks in part to the three Gladiators keying in on him alone.

Adam was replaced by a young minister named Andy. Andy had a lot of heart, but Sharaud was always one step ahead in points after every event. Sharaud continued his dominance until the Eliminator, when his six-second head start didn’t help him at all, particularly when it came to swimming. He looked like he had never swum under water before, his legs flailing around, allowing Adam to take the lead. Sharaud actually grabbed the metal bars that shoot out the flames above the water and pulled himself across. Adam didn’t look back, flying across the rest of the event and even completing both the rolling log and handbike sections without falling. It also appears that the contenders have been watching each other fail at the inclined treadmill and figuring it out, as Adam went right up it and scored a solid 2 minutes and 4 seconds time.

On the women’s side, a fitness model named Monica went up against a bull rider named Belinda. Monica was ahead from the start and never looked behind, although the best moment of the show belonged to Belinda. In the Assault event, with the large Hellga behind the cannon, Belinda scored a hit with the second weapon and sent Hellga flying into the pool. Now that it’s been shown in action, the Assault launch is infinitely better than the simple smoke that rose up when a Gladiator was defeated in the event on the classic show. There was also a Gladiator injury in the pyramid event, with Stealth clutching her knee at the end – however, we were never told what happened to her, so it’s safe to say she’s probably fine.

In the Eliminator, Monica had a six second head start. She struggled on the wall climb at the beginning due to her insistence not to use the rope. However, she pulled away after falling from the handbike and simply running to the ladder. Belinda struggled on the handbike for a few extra moments before dropping and running as well. Again, it’s another reason to add a time penalty in the next round. Monica flew up the inclined treadmill and finished with an astonishing time of 2 minutes flat.

On the announcing side of the show, Laila Ali has shown some improvement. She seems less robotic and more emotional with every show, but Laila still has a long way to go before rising above her current station as our source for unintentional comedy. Also, Militia thus far seems like another extra Gladiator, as he didn’t show up in any events this episode.

It has also been confirmed that "American Gladiators" has been picked up for a second season to be filmed this Spring and aired in the Summer, so it looks like the two winners will indeed have the right to strut their stuff as a Gladiator next season.

Recap By Casey "Squints" Johnson
Starpulse staff writer