If you were to rank Hollywood’s top young actresses today, Amanda Seyfried and Kristen Stewart would be right at the top of that list. Both actresses are only in their 20’s and have more box office hits than Oscar Winners Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock when they were in their 20's. Seyfried achieved fame for her roles in Mamma Mia! and a string of romantic movies released this year. Stewart has gained recognition for her role as "Bella" in The Twilight Saga and supposedly dating Robert Pattinson. Both young starlets have the potential to have long movie careers and possibly win an Oscar in the future. But as of right now, between the two, who’s better overall?

Box Office Hits

After starring on the HBO TV Series Big Love for three seasons, Amanda Seyfried went on to co-star alongside Meryl Streep in the romantic musical comedy Mamma Mia! in 2008. Mamma Mia! was the fifth grossing film of that year and has generated over $600 million worldwide in revenue since its release, making it one of the highest grossing films of all time. This year has been a golden year for Seyfried in the box office as her film Dear John co-starring Channing Tatum surpassed Avatar as the #1 film at the box office during its debut weekend. The film has grossed over $80 million since its release. Recently, Amanda starred in another successful romantic movie Letters to Juliet, which opened at #3 behind Iron Man and Robin Hood.

Many people forget that before Kristen Stewart played a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire in Twilight, she played Jodie Foster’s daughter in Panic Room in 2002. The film debuted at #1 and made over $95 million in the box office. But the Twilight Saga is Stewart’s biggest box office hit so far in her young career. The first two Twilight films have grossed over $1100 million worldwide since their release, shattering box office records. Plus, DVD sales for the two Twilight film series have reached over 150 million units sold in North America. The success of The Twilight Saga overmatches any box office hit Seyfried has ever had.

Edge: Kristen Stewart

Screen Presence

Fans of Twilight love the screen presence of Kristen Stewart and think she plays the role of "Bella" brilliantly in the film. Some critics, on the other hand, have described her presence on the screen as bland, dull, cold, and emotionless. Despite positive reviews and praise for her recent portrayal as Joan Jett in The Runaways, some critics and movie fans alike are still not convinced that Stewart is a serious actress because of her lack of interest and personality on the big screen.

Unlike Stewart, critics have described Amanda Seyfried has having a magnetic screen presence and commanding attention every time she appears in a scene. Her charming smile, natural beauty, and soft voice are key elements to her entrancing presence on the big screen. This has enabled her to outshine her co-stars like Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body. It has also allowed her to transform a mediocre film into a moderate one as she did in the erotic thriller Chloe, which received many negative reviews but is currently one of the highest grossing specialty films in 2010.

Edge: Amanda Seyfried

Physical Attractiveness

If you prefer Blondes, then Amanda Seyfried is your cup of tea. If you're into Brunettes, then Kristen Stewart is your cup of coffee. Either way, you can't go wrong. However, one of them is hotter than the other. Kristen Stewart is very pretty. There's no doubt about that. She's also edgy, often wearing her hair and make-up like a goth chick.

Amanda Seyfried is drop dead gorgeous. Besides the fact that she looks like a young Heather Graham, she looks like a real life Barbie doll with the long blonde hair, blue eyes, and body of a Supermodel. If you want to see how hot her body is, all you have to do is rent the film Chloe or look at her spread on the cover of the April issue of Esquire magazine. She's smokin' hot!

Edge: Amanda Seyfried


Stewart's success with The Twilight Saga has made her one of the most talked about actresses in Hollywoood. Likewise, Seyfried's success with recent romantic films have catapulted her into one of Hollwood's premier actresses. Both Stewart and Seyfried are everywhere – on the red carpet, TV talk shows, and in upcoming films. Both actresses are popular right now.

Edge: Even

It's a close call, but Amanda Seyfried is just as popular as Kristen Stewart and edges her out in screen presence and physical attractiveness.

Amanda Seyfried