Unsurprisingly, Rihanna is at it again, flaunting her laudable bikini body, this time in her home country, Barbados. Nothing surprising there, as barely-there, almost-nude pictures are a staple of hers recently. Somewhat more surprising was her new gold-grill, formed in the shape of an AK-47 assault rifle. The picture caption? "She+AK"(story)

Amanda Bynes isn't out of the woods just yet. Her psychiatric evaluation has been further extended another 30 days, and her parents have been granted conservatorship. For those unaware, Amanda went to great lengths to completely distance herself from her parents, cutting off all ties. A psychiatric evaluation following her court hearing diagnosed Bynes with schizophrenic behavior. (story)

We've managed to track down some behind the scenes pics from the hotly anticipated upcoming Marvel action movie 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' It showcases a bunch of colorful cast members (presumably aliens) dashing too and fro over London's Millenium Bridge. The newest superhero flick takes Marvel's legacy to the stars, following an interstellar crime-fighter named Lord-star who leads a gang of heroic extra-terrestrials in charge of protecting the universe. (story)

Swiss Tourism officials offer an apology to Oprah Winfrey, who was allegedly refused the sale of an incredibly expensive handbag last week. Oprah, who had been visiting Tina Turner in Geneva for her wedding, took herself shopping at Trois Pommes Boutique in Zurich. She was outraged when a sales clerk told her she could not afford a Tom Ford 'Jennifer' designer bag. Since then, the Swiss Tourism department has issued an official apology over Twitter.(story)

Will Poulter, star of the recent comedy flick We're The Millers had to act out a scene where his testicles swelled to a ridiculous size due to an unfortunately located spider bite. Will said that he was strangely 'alright' with the scene, and wasn't particularly perturbed by it, but he did feel bad for the make-up and prosthetic artist who had to spend a considerable amount of time around his nether-regions. (story)

Like AMC's hit drama Breaking Bad? The show just entered it's last season, and to celebrate it's voyage into retirement, we have the top 5 spoilers you need to know about Walter White and Jessie Pinkman's final adventure. (story)

Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev sets Cosmo on fire with a sexy September cover shoot. She opens up to Cosmo about her choices in men and her new-found single life after her split from Ian Somerhalder, yoga and the pressure of not finishing school. Check inside for a preview of the Cosmo interview, as well as some smokin' hot pics from the shoot! (story)

Are you ready for the end? The preppers on National Geographic's 'Doomsday Castle' are. We went inside the Doomsday Castle to see what it takes to survive the apocalypse, and just how far some people are willing to go to live through armageddon. Will you be ready for the end? What can you do to prepare yourself? Check out the pics, watch the video and take a good close read to find out if you have what it takes to survive. (story)