Lea Michele has broken her silence over the death of boyfriend Cory Monteith nearly three weeks after his body was found in a Vancouver hotel room. The actress, who was his on-screen girlfriend on hit show "Glee" as well, posted a personal photo of the two looking very happy together. She thanked fans for their support via Twitter on Monday. Heartbreaking. (story)

Tara Reid is still on board for "Sharknado 2." What a relief. The actress blasted reports that she'd been snubbed from the SyFy production, and the producer of "Sharknado" confirmed that she's still got the job if she wants it. What will be interesting, though, is how writers get the cast of ordinary folks from Southern California to New York City, where the sequel takes place. (story)

Justin Bieber is still getting himself into trouble. The singer's tour bus was searched at the Canada-Michigan border, where Canadian border patrol officers discovered marijuana and drug paraphernalia on board. The Biebs wasn't on the bus at the time and his driver was issued a citation. (story)

Taylor Swift rocked a retro bikini while taking in some paddleboarding on her day off on Sunday. The singer performed to a packed house at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. Saturday night and enjoyed some fun in the sun close to her home in nearby Rhode Island. She brought along tourmate Ed Sheeran. (story)
Taylor was joined on stage during her show Saturday night by none other than Massachusetts native Carly Simon. The two sang Simon's classic break-up song "You're So Vain." (watch it here)

Johnny Depp has hinted at an early retirement from the movies. The actor told "BBC Breakfast" that he's not jumping to a conclusion just yet, but he's been considering stepping away from the movies for good. (story)

Lady Gaga is in the news again following a hiatus due to hip surgery. The singer's new album "ARTPOP" is also set to take the world by storm, and she just released the artwork for the first single from the new album, "Applause." The tune hits airwaves on August 18 and she'll perform it at this year's Video Music Awards. She's also been promoting the album by stripping off for a couple of new photos (links in the story). "ARTPOP" comes out November 11. (story)

Lindsay Lohan is weeding out the bad seeds from her life. The troubled actress has been in rehab for the last couple of months and she recently came up with a list of friends she could consider "toxic." She'll be down to only about 20 friends when she gets out if she sticks to cutting ties with those bad influences on her lifestyle. She's eligible for release from the rehab center she's staying at on Wednesday, but she's reportedly volunteered to stay a few extra days to make sure she's ready to re-enter the real world. (story)

Leah Remini has opened up about leaving the Church of Scientology after severing ties with it two weeks ago. She left over some disagreements with church head David Miscavige over church practices and decided she wanted out. She explained her decision to leave on Monday. (story)