Fishing; it's supposed to be relaxing, tranquil and serene. Just one man, a pole, a nice sunrise and the fish jumping out of the water. Well, not for One Direction member Harry Styles. It seems that Harry had gotten himself into a fishy accident, when he accidentally caught himself on a fishing trip. While discussing the band's upcoming biography, Morgan Spurlock reveals that fishing wasn't Harry's forte, after the teen hearthrob repeatedly managed to hook himself, in a number of embarrassing ways. (story)

It's happened folks. Hollywood has finally made a disaster movie so real, that governments are beginning to create contingency plans for it. No - it's not what you expect. It's not a contingency plan for robotic alien lifeforms from outer space or the zombie apocalypse. The Scottish government has much more important things in mind - like what to do in the event, of a real life Sharknado incident. This is too stupid to make up. Check out the full story here. (story)

After being told by a Swiss boutique sales associate that she couldn't afford a measly 38,000$ handbag, Oprah must be feeling the need to flaunt her wealth. In traditional Oprah Winfrey style, she's back to giving away things - this time, a free Ford Fusion Energy Hybrid to a very excited Jimmy Kimmel guest. In the words of Dane Cook - Everybody here gets a car! You get a car! You get a car! (story)

The Queen Kardashian emerges from her media blackout for the first time since giving birth to little baby North. TMZ found Kim Kardashian looking trim and fit once again, having dropped nearly 30 pounds since we last saw her before heading to the hospital. Regardless of how you feel about Kim, she's looking great, and losing thirty pounds in just a little over a month is nothing to scoff at. (story)

Tragically, another TV starlet has passed away this week. That 70s Show actress Lisa Robin Kelly expired yesterday after she lost her extended battle with alcohol addicting. She suffered a fatal cardiac arrest in a rehab facility that proved to be just too much for her to handle. Her co-stars talk about the sudden and saddening loss. (story)

Well, it seems that if Miguel isn't crotch slamming fans and causing neurological damage, he's being destructive in other ways. The popular rapper and hip-hop artist was hauled off in a paddy-wagon to a jail cell after failing several sobriety tests early morning yesterday. We should just be happy this time, there was no damage to someone else, though Miguel is suffering from a bad case of 'Court Dates.' (story)

WWE superstar Darren Young comes out of the closet in an interview with It takes serious bravery - especially in a career that's focused on gung-ho, macho, testosterone driven action. However, Young has the support of his co-wrestlers, and the entire WWE which has issued a statement saying, "WWE is proud of Darren Young for being open about his sexuality, and we will continue to support him as a WWE superstar." It seems that this male dominated society at least has a warm and fuzzy center - but what can you expect from an organization that makes millions off big, sweaty dudes hugging each other all day? (story)

Lindsay Lohan is back in business. Having landed herself a guest appearance on popular TV show Eastbound and Down Lindsay proudly tweets an image of herself from the set. We have to say, we were surprised by how healthy Lindsay was looking. Is this her comeback? Time will tell. (story)

Miley Cyrus continues to depart from her sweetheart image with some risque photos for Harper's Bazaar. Among them was a sultry smoking picture and an upside down twerking photo. Is this too far? How far does a successful child star have to go to make a new name for herself? Keep an eye on Miley, and we might just find out. (story)

Sequel Kick-Ass 2 has hit theaters, and it has no small amount of controversy surrounding it. Jim Carrey publicly denounced the film in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy. But the series is no stranger to controversy. Kick-Ass garnered critical attention and acclaim for it's artistic, comic-book style, generous use of gratuitous violence and the portrayal of a child star as a stone-cold killer. Does Kick-Ass 2 ruffle some different feathers? How does it stack up to it's prequel? Find out in our review here! (story)