We would say Lady Gaga posing naked is surprising, but after this last week filled with ridiculous Gaga antics, it's really not. Once more, Lady Gaga has gone full frontal in a photoshoot for V Magazine, where she fearlessly bares all. At this point, it's nothing we haven't seen before, but we won't shy away from another opportunity to see Gaga's very fit figure. (story)

Sad news this morning – Gia Allemand of 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelor Pad' was found dead in her apartment of apparent suicide. After finding her unconscious in her apartment, her boyfriend brought her to the hospital and put her on life support. Unfortunately, she was unable to be revived. She left behind her parents, a boyfriend and a host of grieving friends. (story)

Kylie Jenner and company take a couple Spring Breakers themed instagram pics, complete with balaclavas and finger-firearms. The young Jenner posted these snaps to pimp out her sister's boyfriend's fashion line, and we have to say, she looks great doing it! (story)

Will Ferrell's classic character 'Ron Burgundy' of Anchorman is composing a tell-all memoir the lead up the the hotly anticipated sequel, Anchorman: The Legend Continues. "Let Me Off at the Top!: My Classy Life and Other Musings" will be published through Random House, and give you some insight into the enigmatic life that is Ron Burgundy. It's sure to be a hysterical comedic gem that will match the look and feel of the iconic Anchorman movie. (story)

Jennifer Lawrence heading for a meltdown? Say it ain't so! In an era of Lindsay Lohan train wrecks, and Amanda Bynes psychotic episodes, we would hope that our beloved Jennifer Lawrence isn't headed to rehab or the looney bin. The starlet confirms that she has been inundated with work and is at the brink of the psychotic episode, feeling like 'a monkey in a zoo.' Check out the story for more details. (story)

Lindsay Lohan back on track? Maybe! Reportedly, the troubled actress is out of rehab and already attaining some small roles on TV sitcoms. Is this the beginning of Lohan's comeback? Or will it prove to be the start of another downhill slide into addiction. Only time will tell! (story)

Classic rock band Blue Oyster Cult has lost a member this week. Allen Lanier passed away after a losing battle with COPD. The band's frontman, Eric Bloom announced the news over the band's Facebook page. Even though they had been estranged, Bloom had nothing but praise for the deceased keyboardist. (story)

Fear not, Downton fans. Your beloved abbey won't be going anywhere anytime soon. The entire cast of Downton Abbey have been offered 1.5 million dollars to renew their contracts. So, get your tea, crumpets and serving men and women, and prepare for at least three more seasons of positively the most British show on the air. (story)

Kick-Ass 2 creator Mark Millar opens up about the ultimate effects of Jim Carrey's PR stunt. Carrey, who had been an outspoken of heavy-handed gun laws, publicly denounced the film, which initially brought considerable criticism to both the film and himself. However, with the film released, Millar sees the entire situation in a different light – one that ultimately served as a boon for the film. Read more below. (story)