Famke Janssen (known to X-Men fans as Jean Grey) was greeted by an unpleasant surprise the other night, when she came home to find a book on her bed, that she didn't put there, or even own for that matter. The details surrounding the specifics of the book are even creepier - and we won't spoil and skin-crawling surprises here. But seriously - creepy. (story)

Artist and producer Dillon Fancis has targeted Katy Perry's newest single ROAR, claiming that the actress stole ideas from a music video of his, to use in hers. ROAR has already been compared to Sarah Bareilles' Brave already, so it really begs the question; a simple case of artistic jealousy? Or idea theft? (story)

It doesn't look like the Frank Ocean - Chris Brown feud is on the road to a peaceful resolution any time soon. Ocean's cousin, Sha' Keir Duarte, is filing for assault and battery charges against Brown and his bodyguard, known only as 'Hood.' While Ocean dropped all charges against Brown, it seems Duarte is going to litigiously pursue Brown, who allegedly encouraged his bodyguard to ruthlessly beat Duarte while he was on the ground. (story)

Jimmy Fallon opens up about fertility issues and the name of their newborn baby girl. Fallon reveals that the pregnancy was a long time coming - as it took a five years for Fallon and his wife Jancie to conceive. Jimmy talks more on the baby name and privacy in the link below. (story)

Oprah steps up to the plate to revisit her assertion that her rather unpleasant experience in Switzerland had become a little blown out of proportion. Oprah and the Trois Pommes Boutique have both issued tasteful public apologies for the misunderstanding. However, the event seems to have taken on a life of it's own - sparking international debate over Switzerland's 'racism.' Oprah says " I'm really sorry that it got blown up." (story)

Lady Gaga is known for eccentricity, however this newest bit of news takes the cake. Gaga allegedly wore Michael Jackson's clothing during the production of her newest album 'ARTPOP'in order to channel his artistic talent. Gaga reveals that she could 'feel' Michael's essence through the clothes. Does this mean that Gaga's next album will be the pop sensation the world has been missing since the King of Pop passed away? That remains to be seen. (story)

Bethenny Frankel, despite being 42 has a body a teenage girl would be jealous of. One can safely say that she qualifies for Cougar status. We spotted her in Miami looking absolutely stunning in a sultry, red bikini. She opened up about her divorce, her custody battle for her daughter and the perception of her celebrity marriage. (story)

Worried about panty-lines? Chrissy Teigen isn't, because we're sure she's not wearing any! The model admitted that she enjoys going commando, and had some helpful, albeit overly descriptive tips on how to do it on days of 'heavy flow.' We're going to leave it at that and let you read the rest. (story)