Chris Brown has pulled out of a string of concerts in Canada after his recent health scare. The star suffered from a non-epileptic seizure (NES) earlier this month because of all the recent stress in his life from court cases and backlash from the press. (story)

Lady Gaga dropped the video for her new single, "Applause", on Monday -- her first promo in over two years. The new video is a hot mess, with lots of flashing lights, and a very scantily-clad Mother Monster gyrating throughout. (watch it here)

Demi Lovato is heading back to TV. The actress will join the cast of hit FOX show "Glee" for at least a six-episode arc. The 21-year-old will play a struggling artist who befriends Rachel (Lea Michele) and Santana (Naya Rivera). She'll reportedly be performing a few numbers with the other recent addition to the cast, Adam Lambert. (story)

The "True Blood" season six finale was a doozy, with all the vampires losing their abilities to walk in the sun thanks to a key death. One main character wasn't so lucky though (he can't really be dead!). Check out the recap. (story)

...And did we mention that Alexander Skarsgard did a full-frontal nude scene during Sunday night's finale? Read about it here, where you can also get the links to see it uncensored.

Wait, Prince has a sense of humor? The Purple One recently joined Twitter and used a photo of Dave Chappelle (as Prince) for the cover. Even funnier -- the name of his new single is "Breakfast Can Wait". (story)

Actress Olivia Munn may star on a hit drama, but she's always had a sense of humor. So when she fell from a swing in her home (yes, she has a playground swing in her living room) and dislocated her shoulder -- getting it all on video -- she was kind enough to share... (story)

Actor Dick Van Dyke cheated death on Monday after crashing his Jaguar and being pulled from it before flames engulfed narrowly avoided death on Monday (19Aug13) when he was dragged out of his car moments before it burst into flames on a Los Angeles freeway. Fortunately the 87-year-old actor was unhurt. His car is toast though. (story)

A lot happened on this week's "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" -- catch up with what's going on with Teresa, Melissa and the whole gang in the recap of Sunday night's episode. (story)

Australian actress Sharni Vinson showed off her bikini body on Miami Beach over the weekend, and we can all agree on one thing: she really needs to eat a couple of sandwiches. (story)

The world has always made fun of the British over their teeth, but in reality some of the nation's biggest stars have some pretty good dentists. Check out which Brits have the best teeth (here)