Breaking Bad returns with it's traditional vengeance. It's final season starts off with an ominous tone that fits Walt's slow degeneration from proud highschool teacher, to kingpin of the methamphetamine underworld. Without spoiling anything, this season starts off with the promise of some seriously large events, and a frightening premonition of what kind of closing we can expect from one of the bleakest, most addicting dramas out there. You can check out the full recap of 'Bad Money' below. (Recap)

All aboard! Simon Cowell pimps it up on his 45 million dollar yacht, bringing a bevy of beauties along for a pleasure trip in what was initially just a 'boys only' voyage. It seems though, that there will be no shortage of women on this guys trip – as he is bringing ex-girlfriend Sinitta, as well as his employee Kelly Bergantz and her sister Jamie. A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "A holiday wouldn't be a holiday for him if he didn't have Sinitta there. She is his closest and oldest friend and just the sort of person he needs after the month of chaos he has just been involved in. (Story)

It seems Kelly Clarkson is stacked up against some fairly stiff competition these days – but not the kind you'd expect. The Jane Austen museum seems to be her number one adversary – but the feud is not over music, rather a ring that belonged to the renowned author herself. Clarkson legally purchased the cultural treasure last year for a whopping 188,000$ however, was impeded by Britain's Cultural Minister from removing it from the country. Since then there has been a battle for the turquoise ring with a recent mysterious twist. (Story)

America's favorite on-again-off-again pop couple are back – and performing a duet. Katy Perry and John Mayer have come together for a collaborative love song off of Mayer's newest album, Paradise Valley. It's a more country-themed song, an interesting turn for both singers who have both made a staple out of pop-rock. Still, everyone is eager to hear mushy love songs from the couple that everyone is waiting to fall apart....again. (Story)

We're not sure how you greet your grandmother, but we're pretty sure it's not the same way Justin Bieber does. In some recently posted pictures, Justin Bieber leaves almost nothing to the imagination, taking naked pictures of himself at his grandmother's house – while she was still home, and in fact, in the picture! He then proceeded to serenade her, fully lacking clothing, which is both amusing and somewhat sickening. (Story)

Scott Disick has created some rather amusing sacrilege – a photoshopped version of 'The Last Supper' with the Lord Disick himself as Jesus. Situated around him are all the faces of his in-laws. If you're really well versed in renaissance era artwork, you'll notice who's taking Judas' place. We're sure this is just another one of Lord Disick's desperate cries for attention, but it's a rather good one – and worth a look and a laugh. (Story)

The cat seems to be out of the bag. An anonymous diagnosis of Amanda Bynes reportedly claims that the troubled starlet is stricken by PTSD from an arduous career as a child star. Bynes has been in and out of police custody these past couple months and is now undergoing a judicial hearing to determine whether or not she will be forced into psychological rehabilitation. Her parents have been granted conservatorship, and we only hope that this is a step in the right direction. (Story)

Lake Bell stuns audiences on the cover of New York Magazine's Fall fashion issue. Completely naked and only adorned by some beautiful body art and a couple tastefully placed letters, Bell looks the part of Aphrodite incarnate, unafraid to showcase her body to the world. Regardless of how you feel about nudes photos, Bell's natural and effortless beauty absolutely commands and captivates. (Story)