Alternative Music Spotlight : American Authors

American Authors

Some of you may be familiar with 'American Authors' from their infectious song 'Best Day of My Life.' You can hear them slowly starting to trickle onto popular stations on the radio. They fall firmly in the same vein as Imagine Dragons, Smallpools and the Vamps.

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, the American Authors have a musical style that can only be described as indomitable, positive and incredibly optimistic. Almost every song they produce is not only upbeat, but has a fantastically happy dose of content at its' heart.

From songs like "Luck" to "Believer" the American Authors sing a catchy, fun and happy tune, which stands in stark contrast to the subject matter of their relatively depressing competition (if I have to hear 'Radioactive' one more time...)

While British pop-rock seems to be gaining quite a bit of time in the spotlight, American alt rock seems to be catching up. That being said, American Authors doesn't exactly have a unique sound. They are, instead, a culmination of all the good trends in the alt rock genre from the past five or six years. They take the best aspects of bands like fun. (as much as I despise them, they do have some good elements) and Young the Giant, and put them all together in one happy package.

While I can't promise you any new and interesting sounds while listening to American Authors, I can definitely offer you the guarantee that it will lift your spirits to a place just a little higher than they were before. 

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