Last week's "Dollhouse" marks a very exciting episode for Joss Whedon lovers, because an actor from one of his other famous TV shows appeared as a guest star. Alan Tudyk played Wash the pilot on "Firefly" and in the movie Serenity, and he is a close friend of Whedon. This makes three alumni from Whedon's work to appear, including Eliza Dushku (Echo) and Amy Acker (Claire). More please!

The episode starts out a little strange, since Echo is apparently being experimented on with a new kind of technology and speaking to a disturbed little girl. Topher explains that he's come up with a way to program Echo with the personality of the girl when she grows up. Clearly this hasn't happened yet, but he took her brain scan and progressed it to an older adult state. This is yet another example of the fascinating commentary this show can make on the use of technology and whether its uses outweigh the consequences, but it's only used as a ploy here. Echo encourages the girl to think of Briar Rose's fairy tale not in terms of a girl needing a handsome prince rescuing her, but of rescuing herself. This theme plays heavily into the second act.

Ballard viciously breaks up with Mellie, causing her to break apart and almost contemplate suicide before she is picked up and brought to the Dollhouse. He planned it just so he could follow her handlers. He knows where it is now, but he can't get in, so he investigates and finds out that a scientist, played by Tudyk, is the only one capable of creating a fully contained invisible environmental system below ground. Like the one they use in the Dollhouse. Tudyk is completely hilarious as a paranoid pot-dealing weak willed genius, and Ballard forces him to help break into the Dollhouse.

Ballard finally is in the Dollhouse, hurray! With Tudyk's help he finds the Dolls and finally founds his sleeping Princess, Echo/Caroline. Except just as he's trying to get her out, Boyd attacks him and they have a fantastic hand-to-hand brawl. It was impossible to decide who was the good guy to cheer for in this scene, because they both sort of want the best for Echo ... while having their own agendas too. However Echo helps Boyd since she is programmed to trust him and remembers their time together, and Ballard is captured. He is taken to Adelle.

Alpha reared his ugly head again this week when he apparently murdered someone in Tucson. How do they figure this out? Because a message comes in for Lawrence, former head of security, so they implant his memory into Victor's body. This is really, really screwed up, and Lawrence understandably freaks out. They send Sierra to Tucson to figure out what Alpha is doing, but those silly rabbits never realize he is right under their noses ... as Alan Tudyk! The paranoid scientist is the dead body, and he masqueraded as the man so Ballard would help him get inside the Dollhouse.

There is no way to explain how perfectly Tudyk plays this role, from believable coward to terrifying serial killer in about two seconds. It's really amazing to watch. He attacks Claire, cuts up Victor's face, and manages to get Echo back. He's wanted her all this time because he puts her in the chair and imprints her with some woman who immediately starts making out with him. The creepy Doll Bonnie and Clyde, that's them!

The next episode is the season finale and everything will come down to Alpha versus Ballard teaming up with the Dollhouse versus Echo's new imprint versus Caroline ... it's going to be an exciting week. Please don't cancel the show, Fox!

"Dollhouse" Is on FOX Friday nights at 9 PM EST.

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Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer