The season one finale of Almost Human - 1.13 - was good, with the mix of strong plot, humor, and pathos we've come to expect from this series. Unfortunately, the episode ended in a way which feels like the conclusion not just of the season but the series.

Dorian gets unmistakable evidence that Kennex really values their partnership - Kennex tells the review board that the partnership with Dorian is why he's continuing with his police work.  Kennex clears his father's name. At last, Kennex is at peace with his work, if not yet his life.

There's still a lot to of unfinished business in this series. Why did Kennex's lover betray him?  What's going on over the wall? What does the genius who went over the wall have in mind? Will Kennex ever act on his attraction to Stahl?

The all-important ratings for this series haven't been the greatest.  The fast pace of television - not the presentation of the story lines, but speed with which new series must succeed or die - works against Almost Human's survival.

But it's earned some audience appreciation, including mine.  The series has possibilities, especially in its treatment of just about every cutting edge information-tech now known or dreamed of.  As such, even just this first season provides a great tableau of where our technological visions now reside.

But technologies continually evolve, and I'd like to see this series continue to provide this fictional accompaniment to our current accomplishments for at least a few more years to come.  We've got a long way to go until we get to the 2040s.