Boom! Omarosa takes great offense at LaToya asking her to be quiet and the fight is on! She accuses LaToya of being disrespectful, and LaToya responds angrily. As Lil Jon says, “when LaToya stood up and put her hand on her hip, and cocked her neck … when a black woman does that, you know you got problems. It escalated even more because Omarosa got up and cocked her neck, and put her hand on her hip.”

Omarosa is blathering something about running a company and half the west coast for OK! Magazine, and completely disrespecting LaToya, while demanding that LaToya take control of her team. Dennis, Claudia, Brande and Lil Jon can only look on in shock, and hope that neither one is armed.

In an effort to calm the situation, LaToya decides to get rid of Omarosa by sending her off with Claudia for supplies, so Omarosa does get her way in the end. But she’s still not happy, saying that “our project manager gave me absolutely no instructions. She kicked me out of the room.” She bombards LaToya with calls from the shops, asking what she calls “specifics and directions” and disrupting work at team headquarters.

Claudia interviews that she was happy to see LaToya check Omarosa – it was nice. Like when you see a bully get bullied and knocked out. Brande says that Omarosa is ruining the team, and sucking the energy out of people. LaToya interviews that she suspects Omarosa is playing the sympathy card over her fiancés heart attack … which Omarosa probably gave him!  

As they rehearse their scene with Jack Wagner, Arsenio Hall arrives to view their progress. LaToya outlines their plans, including Lil Jon’s great audience participation idea of having the audience take a sip of Crystal Light each time a trademark soap opera riff is played. Arsenio questions Omarosa’s acting background. She assures him she’s always been in theatre, but that she had to fight to be in this scene.

Arsenio feels the tension in the room, and takes LaToya aside to find out her take on Omarosa. “Conniving witch,” says LaToya, which surprises Arsenio, as he knows that LaToya is a soft spoken person. When asked, she says that she’ll definitely be bringing Omarosa in to be fired, should the team lose the challenge.

As the day draws to a close, with just an hour left to rehearse, Omarosa gets a call informing her that a tabloid news magazine show is about to release her fiancé’s final 911 call. She feels she has to immediately deal with the issue, and briefly tells LaToya that she’s leaving.  The team is taken aback; Omarosa had fought to get the biggest role in the scene, and has now left them in the lurch, with no indication of if or when she’ll return.

The next morning, Power has to reorganize, and re-cast Omarosa’s role with Claudia. Dennis, calling Omarosa “Ms Saboteur” is relieved that she won’t be around. LaToya writes most of her own lines on her hands, so as not to forget important points.

Plan B struggle through a rehearsal that is constantly interrupted by Stephen’s yelling “STOP” at each line – as a director, he makes a great dictator. And Marilu may have done a lot of love scenes, but doing one with Gary really tests her abilities. Stephen’s “aggressive claim of power” tries Trace’s patience, who threatens to kill Stephen if he doesn’t stop haranguing Marilu.

With minutes to go before show time, Omarosa arrives at Power’s set. “I wasn’t gonna let you guys down; I had to get here,” she says. What she really means is that she’s come to criticize and critique everyone’s work, without having to make any effort herself. No one is happy to see her.

The audience, including Ivanka, Arsenio, and the Crystal Light execs, are given cups of Crystal Light Liquid. Lil Jon explains that they are to take a sip whenever the “dun dun dun” music plays. The lights dim, and the scene begins. Brande is delighted to see the smiles on the audience’s faces, especially Arsenio’s. LaToya feels that their scene was well received, but cites Omarosa as being the weakest team member, disruptive and distracting at all times.

Lisa Rinna is excited and happy to be performing their scene. Penn welcomes the audience, and the show begins. Trace is hilarious in his three part role, and gets to sweep La Lucci off her feet for the finale. Stephen says that everyone gets 20 Gold Stars, but if they lose – all responsibility falls on Penn.

Ivanka interviews the Crystal Light executives to get their impressions of both teams’ efforts. And then we’re off to the Board Room.

We get right down to business as Trump asks LaToya to name the stars on her team. She cites Claudia and Brande. But not Omarosa, as she didn’t participate. Omarosa’s lip begins to tremble, as she defends herself by explaining about the emergency she had to deal with, on top of having to deal with LaToya’s management faults. Dennis agrees that Omarosa was meddling and distracting. Brande agrees that things improved whenever Omarosa wasn’t around. Stephen Baldwin’s just glad that Omarosa wasn’t on his team.

But now Baldwin has to put forth his weak link, and it’s Busey again. Everyone on the team agrees that Gary is the weak link overall, which deeply wounds Gary. He feels he did everything that was asked of him, and can’t understand why everyone keeps calling him weak.

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