Donald Trump and NBC could be calling some celebrities for a second time. According to the New York Post, The Celebrity Apprentice is gearing up for an all-star edition that will see previous winners and the most infamous contestants duke it out for the ultimate prize.

Winners Piers MorganJoan Rivers and Bret Michaels could all be joining the cast, and NBC hopes to have favorites Trace AdkinsGene SimmonsLennox Lewis, Marlee MatlinSharon OsbourneCyndi Lauper, and Marilu Henner as well. The network is also reportedly courting infamous contestants Dennis Rodman, Omarosa, Meat LoafJesse James, and Gary Busey

Last season's winner, Arsenio Hall, is already turning his success on the show to a new late night gig on CBS. Sources close to the show say that stars are clamoring to be on Celebrity Apprentice to reboot their careers in a similar fashion.