Brande says that Bret was terrific, a really great guy. She touches his leg under the table, which Bret claims makes his vision blurry. But he only brought in $15,000, according to Omarosa. Piers again asks why she trusted Omarosa, either with collecting the cash, or with the numbers she claimed for the other players. Why didn’t she bring Omarosa back?

Brande says Omarosa raised $30,000. Trump says Omarosa had no idea what she was doing, and had no sense of who had brought in which donations.  Ivanka adds that Omarosa was very disrespectful to Brande, despite Brande deferring to Omarosa as cashier.

Piers asks, “Why would you trust somebody who’s the biggest villain in the history of the show, in reality TV history? The reason she wanted control of your cash register was so that she could lie to you.”

LaToya thinks that Brande, as project manager, should be fired for letting Omarosa control her. Brande denies it, saying that no one controls her. Everyone wonders why Omarosa was not brought back to the Board Room.  She’s thrown Bret under a very large, double decker bus.

Brande says she doesn’t think Trump would have fired Omarosa, because he loves her. Love’s a strong word, says Trump. Omarosa is smart and cunning, but he has to go by credibility. “Without credibility, this show wouldn’t have been the tremendous success it’s been.”

Sorry, I think I just blacked out there for a minute.

Trump says he’d hate to fire either Omarosa or Bret. In fact, he thinks Bret should have come back as a consultant, but that was Bret’s decision. So who should he fire, Brande?

Brande now says that LaToya raised the least amount of money, and so she should go. LaToya says that no one knows the figures for sure. Trump still can’t understand why LaToya was even brought back to the Room. And Ivanka still can’t understand why Omarosa was given the job of handling money. Brande says that Omarosa is great with handling money. Trump says Omarosa is great with handling money for herself, but he wouldn’t trust her with his money.

There was $80,000. missing from Omarosa’s verbal accounting. Piers says that he’d rather have Bernie Madoff as his chief accounting officer than her.

Brande tries to defend herself by saying how much money she raised for the team. Trump grants her that, calling it her one redeeming feature. In every other aspect she was a disaster, he says. She again says that Bret led her to believe that he’d be bringing in a ton of money, and he didn’t, in her opinion. Trump says she doesn’t even know what he brought in.

Ivanka asks Bret if he held back donations, but he says he gave it all he had. Looks like he just didn’t have enough. Piers says that Brande would have been the superstar of the team, based on what she brought in, if she hadn’t been the project manager. How can they fire someone who raised the most amount of money?

Well, they can’t of course. “Bret, you’ve been a winner, you are a winner. Bret, you’re fired. I’m sorry. Go.”

Bret’s exit interview: “I chose a team. I took a big chance on Omarosa. She is an absolute, manipulative villain, and she got into Brande’s head. But you know what, I’d be back here again in a second. I get asked to come back tomorrow, I’d come back and fight again.”

Next Sunday: The All-Stars take flight for a theme park challenge in Orlando. And Omarosa’s at the helm. “It’s gonna be rough.”  So hold on, for Omarosa’s Wild Ride Of Terror.  But the meaner they are, the harder they bawl.

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