Trace doesn’t want to call anyone the weakest player on his team, but reluctantly names Stephen, since he doesn’t think Stephen brought in any money. Stephen admits he didn’t bring in a cent, because he’s hoping to bring in the funds when he himself is a project manager. Piers calls it a typically selfish move, saving it all for his own glory. Ivanka thinks that Stephen’s attitude is grounds for being fired, should his team lose.

Stephen admits that he’s not good at fundraising, blaming his rolodex as being short on high rollers. Piers wants to know why Stephen can’t ask his brothers for help. Wouldn’t Alec, who’s doing very well, help out his little brother?

Ivanka finds Stephen’s attitude very haughty, as though he’s proud of holding back, and says he’ll quite likely be fired if his team loses. Trace agrees. Stephen says he’ll have nothing to worry about, if his team wins.

Talk turns to the celebrities who visited the Kelly and Michael set. Why did Brande choose to send Bret and Lil Jon? Did she feel they were her biggest stars? Brande blathers about the charisma both fellows present, but Trump asks why she didn’t sent Omarosa, recently named TV’s biggest villain. Piers jumps in to add that their team poster positioned Omarosa in a starring role, while Lil Jon was almost invisible. Omarosa is not a star, he says, she’s a villain.

Dennis Rodman can’t stop himself, and asks Piers why he so clearly hates Omarosa. Piers says that Omarosa continually trash talked him and his family during their previous encounter. Sure, it’s a game, but the line gets crossed when you trash talk people’s families. Piers and Omarosa start to go at it again, but Claudia Jordan jumps in, saying that it’s wrong for Piers to still be nursing this grudge, years after the fact, and coming into their shop “bitching and complaining like a woman.” She adds that she didn’t appreciate Piers insinuation that Omarosa was getting more poster time. All she cares about is the meatballs, the quality and the money. Get over it!

Whoa! Them’s fighting words! Ivanka cannot let a woman, whose biggest claim to fame is being a briefcase girl in “Deal or No Deal,” get away with sassing a fellow judge! Arguing with someone who can determine her stay on the game, and talking in a derogatory fashion towards women is wrong, Claudia. Trump thinks it’s great that Dennis and Claudia stuck up for their team mate, as it shows respect for each other. But that will change over the weeks, when Omarosa turns on them like a snake.

But back to Kelly and Michael. They preferred Brande’s balls over Trace’s. Lil Jon credits the truffle oil for their success. So that decision will add $20,000.00 to their coffers. And overall, more money was raised by both teams than any other team in a first show, in the history of Apprentice.   

Brande’s Team Power raised over $250,000 dollars. But Trace’s Plan B team earned $419,000. So Trace’s charity, The American Red Cross, will receive almost $670,000. Not too shabby! Trace expresses happiness in his understated, quiet way. Plan B are dismissed. Team Power has to stay and face the music.

Plan B watches from the reception room, as Trump berates Brande’s abilities as project manager. Omarosa abdicates responsibility, despite being cashier, for keeping track of their fundraising. Ivanka wants to know why Brande is so vague on cash brought in, and by whom. Why won’t Omarosa tell Brande those figures? Trump tries to muddy the waters by asking if Brande thinks Omarosa is a thief.

Piers asks Omarosa how many people came in and donated money specifically in her name, based on her “celebrity” status. She instead says her people came in with cash, and they came in first. She says she raised $25,000.  Brande still claims that she could only go with what people told her, and she was not told the truth.

Omarosa says Brande ‘tunnel-visioned.’ She wasn’t a micro manager, and probably did not know much about marketing, but that’s her style. Bret says there were a few glitches in her game; he is now thinking that picking Omarosa for their team was a bad idea, as she’s gone out of her way to cause trouble. She defends herself by saying that Bret badmouthed her to Piers, and should have not been afraid to stick up for himself, demanding to be project manager despite Brande’s pleas.

Omarosa says that Bret brought in the least amount of money. He says that she did. Since she kept the records and won’t tell anyone actual numbers, she falls back on her “Bret perpetrated the biggest fraud” line. He says he doesn’t know exactly how much he brought in because “the wolf was in charge of the hen house.”

LaToya thinks Brande was at fault for their team losing, despite having brought in over $132,000.  Everyone seems to think they each brought in $25,000, although Lil Jon says he brought in over $60,000. So they’re now over the actual figure brought in by about $80,000. Omarosa finally says that she thinks Bret brought in $15,000, Dennis $20,000 , Lil Jon $55,000, Claudia $20,000, and LaToya about $20,000. Brandy brought in $132,000. Isn’t that odd? Even without Omarosa’s contribution, they’re still $30,000 over actual.

Based on Omarosa’s figures, Brande decides she’ll bring back Bret and LaToya for possible firing. Piers can’t believe she’s accepting Omarosa’s words, without proof. Trump and Piers point out that the numbers are totally off. Brande’s lost all control of her team.

From the other room, Trace says that what Brande’s doing is the right thing; she knows Trump won’t get rid of Omarosa.

Brande says she hopes that Bret is not mad. He says he’s not mad. “Omarosa’s gonna eat you up and spit you out… If you survive this, you’ll be the next person going.”

In the Boardroom, Piers says Brande was played by Omarosa, and is bringing back two people who don’t deserve it. Ivanka agrees, but adds that she’s confused as to why LaToya was brought back. Trump has Amanda send the group back in.

The Donald wants to know … why did Brande bring back Bret and LaToya? Why not Omarosa? Or Dennis? Brande says it’s because these two raised the least money. Is that true, he asks her? No, LaToya says, I raised more than Dennis. But Dennis said he raised more, says Brande. Piers asks her – how do you know how much anybody raised? They’ve all said what they raised, but they’re all lying, or somebody is, because the figures don’t add up.

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