Gary asks Lisa if she likes his script, and she snaps back that he doesn’t really want her input. Lisa and Penn try to explain that they may not be happy with the script, but it’s decided and they’re going with it. Suddenly Gary accuses the two of yelling at him, and talking to him like he’s an idiot.

Gary takes Lisa aside and says that he feels like she’s talking down to him. She apologizes if that’s the way he feels, but he’s not listening yet again. She says that he’s “shh-ed” her a lot all day. He accuses her of not listening to him. And on and on. Despite Lisa apologizing and asking him to start off afresh, he continues to accuse her of undermining him, not listening, and not wanting him on the team.

“Gary is bats**t crazy, “says Lisa, “but we’re a team. I’m just gonna stand up there, support him, and let him share his vision.”

As they run through the video script, Gary takes over completely, saying he’s got no support, so he’ll do it all himself. Lisa and Penn pray that Gary, the mad genius, is so outside the box that the LG executives will see something that they are not seeing.

When the actresses that Gary has chosen to play his wife and daughter arrive, Penn notes that the actresses are both the same age, “some sort of weird Mormon sister wife thing, which was creepy.” Gary lectures the cast on his theory that “acting is the absence of acting.” He feels the spirit of the work has chosen these actors. The actors try to look suitably impressed and enthralled as they attempt to understand what the heck Gary is rambling on about.

Gary introduces Lisa to the cast by saying that Lisa used to be as smart as a bag of hair, but is now brilliant. Lisa’s still trying not to take Gary’s lack of respect personally, but the tension is clearly getting to her.

Filming begins. Gary is all over the place. And it’s clear that Gary doesn’t really understand how filming works, as he pushes a cameraman out of the way, physically. Lisa tells him not to do that. Gary asks Lisa to not say that sort of thing to him in front of the others. Lisa says she thinks he should apologize to the cameraman, because he did indeed push him.

With two hours left, and no filming yet begun, Lisa calls out, “Let’s shoot! Let’s shoot!” Gary takes offense, telling her he’ll tell her when to begin. Lisa agrees, but is frustrated. They’re fighting a losing battle, and there’s nothing they can do.

Ivanka arrives as Penn and Lisa are at their most depressed. Penn tells Ivanka that they may not have a video for the next day. There’s half an hour left, and they’ve hardly shot anything. She watches them tape the mechanical dog line, and then asks Gary if the dog was barking or throwing up. She can see the difficulties, but wonder if Penn and Lisa have checked out of this task.

Lil Jon has things in hand at Power’s shoot. They’ll keep things simple, and let the products highlight themselves. Trace throws out a concept, and Marilu jumps on it, embellishing the idea with her real world situation. The twist would be the college student coming home to find that mom’s replaced all her appliances with the smart system, and now mom has to explain to the kid how things work. Marilu can play the mom; after filming 78 commercials, she’s pretty good with demonstrating products.

Joan Rivers arrives to check on Power’s progress. She thinks they are using their talents very well, but finds Lil Jon’s attention to detail a waste of time. They’re not filming Lawrence of Arabia, and Lil Jon is not Alfred Hitchcock; get it in the can, and move on.

Trace and Lil Jon are impressed with Marilu’s memory and performance. Trace leaves early for the editing suite, to get a jump on their final video. Lil Jon figures Trace’s edit work has saved a couple of hours of work for them. Marilu worries about little details, but Lil Jon calms the waters, and in the end, feels they’ve got the winning commercial.

On the other hand, editing Plan B will be a snap, as Gary has focused on little but himself. There are no product shots, nor second or third angles to choose from. Penn feels like he’s going further up the River of Darkness than any other Celebrity Apprentice has. But he and Lisa made a promise to stand by their project manager, and they’ve done that, 100%.

The next morning, the teams do their presentations for Joan Rivers, Ivanka and James Fishel. Lil Jon is confident. Fishel smiles at Marilu’s enthusiastic comments on LG products. Trace, although silent, later interviews that he thinks they’ve won, unless Gary comes up with something so radical that the executives minds are blown.

Gary says he feels great about his commercial, regardless of the complications during the task. He babbles during their presentation, but Penn saves the day when he praises the phone’s features, before starting the video. Everyone watches in horror as the video plays. Except Gary, who thinks that everyone loved it … especially Ivanka. “We’re going down, down, down,” says Penn.

Ivanka asks Joan and Fishel for their opinions. Fishel says Gary’s presentation was strong, with good brand representation, but missed the mark with the mechanical dog, which was neither funny, nor had anything to do with the video or the products. Joan agrees, and they all wonder if the dog was barking or vomiting. Joan loved Gary’s presentation before the video. Fishel liked Gary’s energy, but liked Penn’s clear appreciation of the brand.

As to Lil Jon’s offering, Fishel noted that Trace only said ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to him, while Marilu drove a lot of the questions, and Lil Jon showed a clear understanding of the product. Overall, Marilu was the star of the team. But there is a clear winner, and that is …

Sashaying into the Board Room, both teams face The Donald, Ivanka, and Joan. He begins by telling them that the LG people were impressed with both offerings, and will be providing every one of their charities with a full suite of the products, worth well over $100K.

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