There were some big moments Monday night on a brand new HIMYM.  Definitely do not read on if you don’t want any spoilers!

The episode began with Barney once again trying to close the deal with a floozy at MacLaren’s.  Before he can, Ted whisks him away to wingman for him with a different girl and her friend.  The girl, Quinn, appears to be falling for Barney’s old tricks, but she was just playing along while her friend and Ted were hitting it off.  She calls Barney out for being pathetic and lays out a bunch of things that she bets he does… almost like she already knew Barney beforehand.

Back at MacLaren’s, Marshall and Lily say they have to leave or they will be stuck riding “the drunk train” back to Long Island.  The Drunk Train is the last train of the night, loaded with people riding home from a night out in the city. 

Barney says Ted owes him for making him wingman with Quinn, so when Barney hears about the drunk train, he decides that will be their next legendary adventure.  The train that Ted and Barney get on appears to be a last train to New Jersey, not Long Island.  They continue to strike out with drunk girl after drunk girl saying things like, “You think you’re better than me?”  At the end of the night and having failed, Barney breaks out the wipe board to try to solve the problem of what went wrong.  What could it be?  Of course:  when you ride the drunk train, you have to get drunk.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Robin and Marshall and Lily went out for a couples weekend at a B&B in Vermont.  When Kevin and Robin get up to their room, Kevin unexpectedly gets down on one knee and proposes.  Robin is surprised, and says she needs time to think about it.  This makes the whole rest of the weekend awkward.  Robin finally reveals to Marshall and Lily that she found out that she cannot have children, and that she decided that she has to tell Kevin before responding to the proposal.  When she reveals this to Kevin, he is upbeat, pointing out there are other ways to have children.  Robin responds with saying that she doesn’t ever want to have children, “So, do you want to take your proposal back?”

The second run for Barney and Ted on the drunk train appears to be going just as planned.  However, Barney ducks out of a sure thing at the last second.  Barney reveals that he and Quinn did end up going back to his place at the end of the night.  It turns out Quinn had really gotten inside his head.  Ted and Barney go home empty handed once again. 

Ted returns to the apartment, finding the window open.  He goes out to the roof to find Robin hanging out on the roof crying and smoking a cigarette.  “Is everything OK?” he asks.  Robin reveals the story of the weekend, and that after she said she didn’t want to have kids they broke up.  Robin is really devastated, clearly was ready for something serious, and was hoping that she could have that with Kevin.  Finally she asks who could look past the fact that she doesn’t want kids?  Ted says, “I could.  I love you Robin.”

Lastly, in the tag, Quinn is talking with a coworker about Barney.  The girl says, “You talk about this Barney guy so much, I think you like him.”  Quinn denies it, and the girl goes on to say, “I can’t believe he doesn’t recognize you.  He practically lives here.”  It is revealed that they are at The Lusty Leopard.  The announcer says, “Now coming to the stage, Karma!”  And Quinn walks out to the stage.

Whoa!  A lot happened in this episode.  It was very emotional, very funny, and clearly one of the best episodes of the season.  This episode was written by Craig Gerard and Matt Zinman.  Gerard started working at the show on season one, while Zinman became show creator Craig Thomas’s assistant during season three.  The two have now teamed up to write four episodes, including the classic Barney story “Perfect Week” and last year’s Christmas episode, “False Positive.”  This episode leaves us asking a ton of questions.  Will Ted and Robin get back together?  I hope not, especially since we know that Robin is not the mother.  Will Barney and Quinn become an item?  The rumor mill says yes.  Could she be the girl that Barney is about to marry in the wedding that has been mentioned at the end of each of the last two seasons? 

The legend continues this Monday with “No Pressure” 8/7c on CBS.